Monday, December 6, 2010


This was me in 2008 at 165lbs:

This is me, two years and a baby later at 212:

Not terrible, not awesome, just the truth. Great reminder to where I'm headed.

PS: Not sure why my face looks so glow-y and photoshopped in the bottom picture, or why there's ghost bubbles all around me.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey, I got some new [jeans] on...

..and suddenly everything was right!

Yep. Size 14s. Still the national average size, since we're an obese country.... but I digress. At least I'm no longer ABOVE the average!

I finally broke down, and [my mom] bought a pair for me from Kohl's. Totally cute Levi's, bootcut, dark wash, with some nailheads on the butt. They're the slightest bit tight in the waist, which is only a constant reminder to choose snacks carefully.

More importantly, seeing my butt look cute again is such an enormous ego boost. I've been wearing the same pair of saggy 16's for MONTHS now, and fell out of love with jeans entirely. This is pretty huge, being that I'm a diehard jeans and sweater girl. But now, having jeans that fit and look AMAZING (and a new collection of adorable cardis for the top), I feel like I'm back. 14 or no, I look GOOD, and it's just another step on the way back to size 8. Only 3 sizes to go!

BTW, my Thinner Winner team WON 5th place. And their scale was way off of what mine has said the whole time. Soooo just a tad disappointing. But, whatevs. At least we didn't lose. Hey, think about it this way: I GAINED a new pair of jeans! eh?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Biggest Winner, almost over!

A particularly encouraging member of my Biggest Winner team suggested I update this thing, and I do know it's been a while. This whole mommy thing has completely taken over my life! Go figure ;)

So, we have just days to go until this 2-month contest is over. Our team is currently in 4th, based on everyone weighing themselves at home. I do have to admit, this process was much harder than I expected. I try and make time for myself, but it just doesn't happen some days. Most days, in fact.

Despite all that, I have managed to drop 10lbs, bringing me only 15 away from my pre-baby weight. Trevor and I are back on the Sonoma Diet (well, as much as we can afford!), and tomorrow I'll start a fruit flush again for that final push to the end. Weigh in is on Saturday!

Looking forward, I'd love to get a gym membership, now that the baby is close to one, I can leave her at most gym daycares. Trevor has a few prospects right now, to increase his salary immensely. Then we'd move into Napa, eat as healthy as we'd like, and I can work out again!

Yesterday I ran for the first time in a couple weeks - I felt better than expected, until I bent down to tie my shoe halfway through. My knees were warm, and my right one popped out again like a few months ago. Later it did it again, but it felt worse since my knees were colder. So today I'm a bit stiff, but I have my weights at home again, and it's back to the Biggest Loser DVD.

More to come, I'm sure. This is the same time of the year that I started losing weight in Florida... get it all off while bundled up in winter clothes, and surprise everyone once the sun comes back ;)

Monday, September 27, 2010

I love fruit flushing.

215.6 this morning :) 214 is my post-baby low. I'm really really really hoping I'll fall below that by tomorrow morning. It's one of those mental blocks, you know? 214 rounds down to 210, which is an extra large poop away from 200, which is 4lbs away from my pre-baby weight of 196.

I'm not feeling deprived yet, but frequently I'll make it through the morning on tea and coffee alone. So far today I've had an apple, 2c of grapes, and halfway through my mug of green tea (with splenda, duh.) I have a busy busy afternoon as well (getting my hair did to celebrate that 6k!) so perhaps I won't even notice. Then tomorrow is super busy as well, with last minute preparations before one of my best friends in the entire world FINALLY makes the trek to ol' C-A.

This is going to be a GREAT week. My birthday is tomorrow, Wednesday we're going to walk around SF all day playing tourist, Thursday is some hugemongo surprise (that includes baby spending the night at grandma's!!!) and Friday is my family dinner for my birthday. Fair warning, we'll be having beef stroganoff with egg noodles.

Looking forward to it all!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yep, I'm deluded.


So, you hear about all those girls who think they're fatter than they are, right? Yeah. I'm the opposite. I think I'm MUCH smaller than I actually am! I just looked at pictures from the Rock and Stroll, and its like "whoa, hello there big girl."

Oh, the Rock and Stroll. Went SUPER well, we finished the 6k in about 40min. Sarah and I ran/walked together the whole time, and I felt pretty great afterwards. Tired, sure, but not puking dying. We probably would have run more, but there was a long stretch of gravel that was giving the stroller babies shaken-baby syndrome. Well, at least they slept. We ran most of it, maybe only walked about 3/4 of a mile.

So these pictures... we were having fun, I thought I looked like a super cute young mama. I was excited and happy and motivated. Now, I'm just depressed, understanding my denial...but still motivated!

This totally embarrasses her, but the size Sarah is right now is like my ideal size...the way I was when I came back from tour. So these's like a side-by-side before and after. The good news is I'm so fat that 3.7mi burned 541 calories! Yay...

Ugh. Anyway. I'm Jay Robb Fruit Flushing today, tomorrow and most of Tuesday. It was easy today, which is 6ox protein shakes every 2 hours, and a big-ass salad w/ chicken for dinner. It's hotter than Hades, and I've been cleaning house all day. Haven't wanted to eat! Trevor tested my will-power when he had me make him bacon for his BLT, and brought home Oreos from the store. I will not cave, I will not cave.

Oh well. At least I have a beautiful, supportive family unit. <3

Friday, September 24, 2010

Biggest Winner, Getting Slimmer!

Today is my LAST day of Bootcamp, and while my attendance has been spotty, I've loved it as much as I did that first day! I would love to continue, but the additional drive into Napa 3 days a week was eating up too much of my time and money.

The Rock and Stroll is tomorrow! I didn't finish my Couch to 5k training either, because I was doing bootcamp. (Sensing a theme here?)So, I'm going to jog as much as I mom, and my best friend Sarah are both doing it with me (along with LOTS of other people, including fellow bootcampers). I always run more with competition, doesn't everyone?

Anyway, I'm resurrecting this blog today because I've joined a 2-mo weight-loss challenge. It's through Adventure Bootcamp, and we're all in teams of 5. The prize money is certainly a HUGE motivator...$2500 to the winning team! And we all know how mama is always broke. That, and a combination of co-worker, friend, and perfect strangers is enough to keep me accountable.

So, back to food journaling! I'm not on a specific "plan" right now, except to be less fat. Hah.

Today (thus far)
7:00 3/4c non-fat cottage cheese
1/2c chunk pinapple
1c coffee w/ 1 Splenda and teaspoon heavy cream
9:30 1c black tea w/ 1 Splenda
12:00 4 mini Roma tomatoes (that Elizabeth brought to work!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bootcamp: Day One

Nope, I didn't run off and join the army in a desperate attempt to lose weight (besides, new recruits are doing "girly" PT like yoga because our fighting youth are overweight). No, this week I started my month-long adventure with Adventure Bootcamp. And it's definitely an adventure in pain! Monday was Day One, with an evil deck of cards. Every suit stood for something, and every Royal did as well. Jokers mean the next 4 cards are 60sec each. After a thorough deep-tissue massage with our foam rollers, we laid into the deck, completing all 52 cards in an hour. Jacks were shuttle runs, Aces alternating toe touches. The fun also included pushups, jumping jacks, bent-over rows, bicycle crunches, dead-lifts with curl, and side-shuffles; all in 30sec increments. I did better than expected: in the top 4 during the sprints, more pushups than I've done since Finals Week 08, and handling my 8lb weights like they were my 3-pounders at home. But, I was definitely sweating, and while stretching my shoulder during cool-down, I was second away from puking. Good! I didn't wake up sore this morning, but it has slowly crept up on me all day. Now, at 11:30, it took me a good minute to crawl into my waist-high bed. I made tea, but it's just out of my reach on the nightstand, and I just don't have the strength! Today we weighed in, took measurements and set goals. It's a little frightening to see just how wide my ass is, but it's more frightening to consider how soon I'd become "double-wide" if I continued on this way. I'll be at Bootcamp three days a week, with the 5k training in my off days. I have a high goal of 19lbs to lose by the end of the month, and a cash prize if I do it better than anyone else. (and let's be honest... Mama could use a cash prize.) No excuses, no whining, no mercy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our cable bill is taking a back seat to other more important bills, so I've been finding other things to do with my time. (you know, besides working, cleaning, and being a mommy!) So, frustrated with seeing my doughy tummy in the mirror (which, by the way, I was never able to picture until now) I picked up You On A Diet for the first time since this blog was begun, almost 4 years ago now. Lo and behold, the jacket was still holding my page where I left off, a chapter metaphorizing a u-turn. Or in their case, a You-turn. (get it?) Basically, pretend your weightless journey is a road trip with a GPS system. Generally, you know where you're headed, and there's a nice computerized voice telling you each turn to make. Occasionally, despite all best intentions, you may misinterpret instructions and make a wrong turn. The GPS doesn't yell at you, just suggests that at the next available moment, turn around and get back on track. This is an easy thing to do day to day... "ok, so I ate a donut earlier, going to eat extra broccoli at dinner." However it's a little harder when you've gone off track for a year or more. The last few posts have been lamenting this same pothole I'm in, but that's just life. However, this post isn't a "I'm gonna do it! post, it's more of a "I've already been doing it." the last two weeks I've worked out every other day in some sort of way. No excuses.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

LOST: happy, confident girl.

So, I kinda had this teeny tiny humongous breakdown last night. I seriously think I'm depressed, and my boyfriend misses me. This is all conglomerating into this huge disgusting teary mess that is SO not cute.

I get motivated for a week, an go go go, but then something happens and I'm back in this hole. This isn't just about losing weight, it's about rediscovering ME, a girl who is long long lost.

I'm sure this is all just part of the whole process of redefining who I am, as my role has changed significantly since having the baby. But I'm just so lethargic and unmotivated 70% of the time.

To my credit, I DID just hurt my knee pretty bad. My WedMD diagnosis was a torn or strained MCL, and this happened just as I was getting into the Couch to 5K thing. So the last few weeks I've been nursing that, but It's been a handy excuse for sure. There's so many tips to get motivated and get moving, but no matter what I read or am told, there's still the initial gumption that I'm missing.

But last night was bad. We've recently found some pictures of me from 3 years ago, when I was happy and nothing could touch me.While I'm smaller in the pictures, it doesn't even really matter, its just the confidence in them that he's attracted to, a stark contrast to all the negativity surrounding me now.

I want THAT girl back, but somehow she has to fit into my current life. I used to go wake up, go to school, go to the gym, go to work, and be done with my day by 5. Now I'm up half the night, awake at 6:30, with the baby until 7:30, work until 2, then with the baby the rest of the day. On top of all the cleaning and day-to-day things. Throw in family responsibilities, and I'm lost somewhere.

Friday, July 2, 2010

oh, knee problems, of course.

Thanks, knee. I get it. I'm fat and gained far too much weight in a short amount of time for you to handle it. Add in the recent cardio and higher impact late night workouts, and I'm sure you're just over it. But did you have to remind me so painfully?

Yesterday, while doing something SO mundane as squatting while rolling up the hose, my knee snap-crackle-popped when I stood up. Nothing completely new to these overworked joints of mine, but this time was different. I felt some serious shifting in my knee, and EXTREME pain, so much that I yelled out and started crying in my front yard. I hobbled inside, and put some ice on it. The pain was not sharp anymore, but an unstable soreness in the back/outside of my knee.

A few hours later, after some killer spaghetti and a walk around the grocery store, I was again squatting to put away groceries. And, again with the snap-crackle-pop pain scenario.

Today it's been sore ALL day, and not feeling very secure at all. After a google search of "common knee injuries" I came away confused and queasy. No idea what might have happened, but pukey at the idea of torn meniscuses.

This whole knee thing is a serious wake up call. in the past ten years my grandma has had both her knees replaced, a result of arthritis, body weight, and inactivity. My body is built very similar to hers, but I refuse to have it fall apart in the same way. While drum corps kept me active, it also beat my body up... where's the tin man with his can of oil?

Today's calories: 1548
Today's weight: 217.8

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday I ate a Teriyaki Burger from Carl's Jr.

Don't get me wrong...I might be a fat kid, but I hardly EVER eat a fast food burger. The last time I did was during my third trimest, my mom unwillingly bought me an animal-style cheese burger from In n' Out. She harrassed me about it, and I haven't been able to look at one since.

But Friday coming home from work, I called Trevor to ask him what he wants for lunch (a daily routine) and somehow I ended up justifying a disgusting cheeseburger as "healthy" because it had a pineapple slice on it.

I opened up the wrapped once I got home, and was disgusted. But I ate it anyway. Bleh. Where has my mind gone? That cheeseburger + medium fries combo cost me 1070 calories, on a 2000 calorie day. I KNOW that shit isn't healthy, and I normally opt for a chicken option... but after tracking the last two days of eating, I clearly have a problem.

I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a fat squishy place. I don't want to eat less, as I'm still holding onto my last days of nursing. I've given up nursing part time, and have formula supplementing while I'm at work, but I'm not ready to completely give up boobie feedings, and neither is Laney. But anytime I cut down my calories and workout a lot, my milk flow decreases drastically, and we're both cranky. But, I know the baby can't be my enabler, allowing me to sit in this oversized body any longer.

I took a first step in returning to my previous self (both mentally and physically): I took my glasses off. I've worn them nonstop since I first became pregnant, over a year ago. Once contacts became the norm, I used to only wear my glasses when I was sick or depressed, as a shield to protect me from the world. Glasses, darker hair, and fat...I mean I've regressed to those coping mechanisms from high school full time, instead of just on a bad day.

I've also signed up for DailyBurn, a diet and exercise tracker similar to those I've used in the past. The best part is that I can easily maneuver through the program on my iPhone, so no meals or snacks or cheats will ever be missed.

I also started Couch to 5K two weeks ago, and have done the same number of runs. I enjoy the 20min jaunts, and Delaney rides along in the stroller. I have a goal of 6K by Sept 25th, in time for Napa Rock and Stroll, a fun-run benefiting COPE and abused kids.

I spend FAR too much time sitting on my ass in the afternoons, using the baby to justify my laziness. I don't want her to see a therapist when she's older, lamenting her mother eating and watching TV all day long. I have far too much to get done that is just forgotten about by the end of the night...I can't control everything, but I can control myself. I HAVE controlled myself. It's time to do it again.

Yesterday weight: 222
Yesterday calorie total: 1928

Today weight: 219.2
Total calorie total: 1565

Friday, June 11, 2010

New figure, go figure

So today I didn't wear my full body Spanx for the first time in about a month, and have had two people say I look slimmer and healthier. Go figure!

Stay tuned for a summer of health :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the game

How do new moms do this? Seriously. I was reading a craft blog thing, where the lady JUST had a baby, showing off her 8-day postpartum belly, and it seriously looked like she could go do a bikini photo shoot.

Shoot ME, while she's at it.

I mean, to each their own, but girlfriend said she still had 30lbs to lose. I have 30lbs to lose, and I'm still 30lbs overweight. Oh, and stretch marks? Yeah, I'll never be doing a bikini photo shoot really.

Bah. I got a perfectly mellow and happy baby out of my ordeal, so I still win.

I made a decision to eat less a few days ago, and since have dropped 3lbs. I occasionally have late night dates with Jillian Michaels OnDemand, and this weekend is chock full of yard work. (well, as chock full as it can be with a sicky baby). Let me tell you, yanking out 5ft tall weeds is a full body workout. And I've got a nice little summer glow started at the same time. Nothing like being physical and sweating under some hot sun!

We're headed to Florida over July 4th weekend, which means I have 5wks to lose 15lbs, and get back under 200. It can be done!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gettin' my jog on.

My Mother's Day present from my mom was a fancy jogging stroller, something I've been dying for.

Now, after my first run in over a year, I am dying from it.

Wow. Despite losing over half the baby weight, I'm still 50lbs over my "prime", and ridiculously out of shape. We went out at about 7:50, came back by 8:15, were chased by a loose pit, yelled at by ghetto boys ("run fatty run" was their choice phrase), ran about half the time we were out, and I was dripping in sweat.

BUT I feel great. The air was cool and breezy, baby didn't cry, and I took the first steps... even if I was gasping for air while doing it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yeah, how about that.

Well, I INTENDED on posting a new picture every day, but the rain knocked out my internet, my Minnesota family is in town, and Trevor ended up in the ER from food poisoning. (I'm convinced he felt so guilty for eating amazing food at Bottega the other night, he faked food poisoning to lose a quick 10lbs) Fun week, hmm?

Actually, Bottega WAS a blast. My uncle is a bartender/server there, and reserved a table for the 12 of us. When we got there, we ended up at the Chef's Table, with comped appetizers (Himachi and English peas on a slab of natural salt, savory donuts with proscuitto and mango, and bruschetta with fresh mozzarella and artichoke hearts), 3 rounds of wine (presecco, white and red), minestrone soup, a whole Dungeness crab with spicy bruscetta, finished with coffee and chocolate souffle with hazelnut glaze to share.

Anyway, here's my latest picture. Good news! only 19lbs to go until I'm at pre-baby weight. Once the cousins go home, it's back on the 10 day Wave 1.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mirrors lie, take a picture!

But what if I use a mirror to take a picture, Cher? Either way, I'm taking a fashion tip from Clueless, and taking a picture of myself each day for a while. First of all, I look super cute getting ready for my new job. Second, the mirror (and camera) don't lie, and it will help keep me honest.


Friday, April 16, 2010

That's "the rub".

As of today, I've officially passed the "seven day" mark at my new job, and even got my first paycheck. The difference between this and my previous position is a complete 180: dream hours, understanding employer, and confidence renewed.

The last is really a result of the previous two. I was hired in a position they WEREN'T hiring for, in an industry I've only known for a year and a half, without any recommendation from my previous employer (um, kinda "duh" on that one.) I got the job on my own, because I know what I'm talking about (and WHO I'm talking about)....something I had started to doubt in the last 6 months before maternity leave. I didn't feel appreciated, or respected. When you spend more awake time at a workplace than home, those things start to weigh on you and mess with your head.

But now, after incredible success with Pilates Napa Valley and the Sonoma Diet, and this new position, my faith in myself as a woman and participating member of society has flourished. I feel like ME again, albeit a bit larger, and definitely more "mommy" me than I was two years ago. I'm happy with who I see in the mirror, the progress I've made physically, and my ability to quickly turn a terrible situation into a great one.

The subject line mentioned "the rub" and here it is: Since going back to work this past week, baby D has had FAR more formula than she's used to... typically 3 bottles (or 12oz) in the morning, then the rest of her day on breast milk. This is messing with her tummy, and by the end of the night, she's cranky and crampy and crying in the most pathetic way possible. So even though I'm this SuperWoman by day, in the evenings I'm a stress-ball. I know going to work is good for me (and her, and Trevor, and our bank accounts) it's just so hard to see her suffer, and know if I was home, she wouldn't be AS gassy. She eats every two hours, so I'm just not able to pump that extra 12oz she needs.

This is a weight-loss blog, so here's the connection: I haven't done much in the sense of health this past week or so, and I forgive myself for it. As you can see, it's been a bit chaotic. But, that doesn't make my body feel any better. I have NO time or energy to make it up to the studio, I've gained 2lbs back, and am DEFINITELY not following Sonoma right now. With disability ending, I don't have the cash, and with work starting, I don't have the time to cook our meals like I was. Man, good thing I don't have a SERIOUS addiction, because I'm the queen of excuses.

That's fine. You On A Diet has this great anecdote comparing a weight-loss journey to a car drive with GPS... when you mess up, the nice lady tells you calmly, but firmly "take the next available U-turn". There's no chastising, no guilt, just a plain and simple message to fix it, and move on. I'm resolved to make that U-turn, but how? How do other new/working moms find the time to run the household, feed the baby, manage a career AND stay in shape?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Found Body Awareness

You know, I beat myself up about one day of craptacular eating, but I'm ignoring the big picture:

I look pretty damn good.

Really. For the better part of the last year, I watched everything on my grow. Boobs, belly, arms, butt. Everything ballooned (as is normal and natural in a pregnancy.) Combine that with my thankless job, and my self esteem absolutely plummeted. Questioning my attractiveness, my intelligence, my life choices.

But this past month has been amazing to getting me back where I should be. While my body weight is still a good 50lbs heavier than my end-of-year goal, the SHAPE of it is getting back to normal. I mean, I did drum corps for 5 years, but my legs have never looked better. Throw on some heels, and fake tanner, and these short legs look like they should be insured.

Okay, maybe not that good, but definitely the best I've ever seen them.

I truly mean it when I say it's the pilates that's doing this to me. I haven't been doing any cardio, or other muscle building...changing the diet would make me smaller, but not change the shape of things. My lower tummy is getting flatter, the muffin top is shrinking, and the back fat is almost gone. And like I said, I still have 50lbs to go!

Now I have a new job in sales, which reassured my confidence in my field. I have to be out and about selling printing, so personal appearance is priority, versus the super casual dress code of my previous position.

Tomorrow is my first day, and I have so many outfits that look fabulous, I don't know what to chose! The blue LC Lauren Conrad dress with pockets and pleats($12)? The purple and grey Elle flower empire waist dress with ruffles? The green BCBG dress with embroidery? Perhaps some grey slacks with a flowy top and my cropped biker jacket? Oh, the options are endless.

I NEED to add in cardio...I'm thinking about sucking it up, putting the dog on a leash, strapping a can of mace to my waist, and go running in the morning. It's just soooo dark out at 6:30am right now, and I don't live in the best of neighborhoods. But, the gangsters are in bed by dawn, right?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who needs a solid milk-chocolate egg, anyway?

Ew. I ate FAR too much yesterday, as I always do at the in-law's for holidays. We stopped at SBUX on the way in, and split a breakfast sandwich, hoping that would curb my appetite....but no. Arrived to the usual spread of stuffed mushrooms, chicken-artichoke dip, and shrimp cocktail. Grazed, then ate dinner of ham, new potatoes, brussel sprouts and mashed turnip. Then strawberry-rhubarb crumble.

Oh, did I mention I made seven dozen oatmeal-chocolate cookies each the night before? Yeah...

How am I doing?

I woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE. Dehydrated with heartburn worse than pregnancy, and my stretchy pants were suffocating me. But, it being the baby's first Easter (and my boyfriend's birthday) we were overloaded with candy. After a quick sort through the bounty, we threw most of it away:

Buh bye. We only kept a few pieces of Scottish candy that we only get once a year, and started eating fresh again this morning with Panera salads for brunch. I'm now sipping black coffee to kill the sugar racing through my blood stream, and am considering my diet for the next week or so. I'm thinking about going back on Wave 1 of the Sonoma Diet to get everything back on track. Who's with me?

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forgiving myself, in time for Easter.

So, I lost a bunch of weight, and Trevor won the Biggest Loser*** contest at work. He didn't take home $100K from Jello, but he grabbed $245 in winnings. Not too shabby!

However, since then I've kinda slipped. Just a tiny bit. KFC grilled chicken on Thursday for lunch, two macaron cookies from Bouchon Bakery on Thursday night, Panda Express for lunch yesterday (even tho I got the smaller "eat in" plate, and substituted veggies for chow mein), and then too much pasta last night for dinner. See? If I'm not careful, boom, right into old habits.

The good news is (and Trevor concurs) that after all this eating correctly, and smaller portions, when I have a little bit of crap, I feel like crap. When I eat a LOT of crap? Well. You can imagine.

So today I woke up and started fresh. Melon and cottage cheese for breakfast, Madras Lentils and chicken for lunch, strawberries as a snack. Dinner is undecided, but I'll be at my mom's, so the healthy option is always available. Now the sun is out, and the house is relatively clean, so I'm a happy girl.

Tomorrow is Easter dinner at the in-laws, which is always trouble for me. Snacks and good food galore. The good news is we haven't bought any candy yet...Peeps are my downfall. What Easter treat can't you resist?

****BIG NEWS! Pilates Napa Valley had a celebrity today, Cheryl Forberg of the Biggest Loser! This is HUGE for PNV, hopefully we'll be lifelong friends.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can do this in my sleep!

Well I haven't posted recently, and mostly because I don't feel like I'm doing anything spectacular, and worth writing about.

But, apparently simply changing my diet and Pilates is working for me, because today I weighed myself....

211 lbs!

Oh yeah. That would be..mmmmm 15lbs lost since March 1? Chyeah dude. KILLING it. I didn't think I had lost that much, until after 4 shots of espresso this morning, and I magically lost 5lbs more. Oops. That makes a grand total of 35lbs since the baby was born.

Honestly, too: No cardio...I was going to, but then I came down with the sickness last week, and hardly had energy to nurse. Still had my appetite of course! I do try and make it to the dog park every week, with pumpkinhead in tow. But besides that, I mean, I really haven't been doing that much.

I start work next week, 4 hours in the morning. I need to reschedule my Pilates now, and I fear my only time will be 7-8am. Bah. Soooo early. But I'm sure as long as I continue my healthy eating habits, the weight will continue to slide off, especially as I exert myself more and more. I'm in sales, so I won't be sitting at my desk all day. And, the baby is getting more and more mobile every day. Soon I'll be chasing after her all day long!

But, I do need to add in some sort of sweaty cardio. Soon the baby will be big enough for a jogging stroller, so I can attempt to jog (or at least walk) around the block without having to navigate the cracks in the sidewalk. Any suggestion of the best brand to buy?

PS. I'm still blogging over on It's pretty cool! I met some people today who read the blog, THEN came into the studio. Check me out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Damn you, Girl Scouts

I thought I had missed the Girl Scouts this year. My neighborhood is too shady for them to walk around, and I haven't been at work where parents can ambush the fat girl with cookie temptations.

But no. Trevor brought home not one, but FIVE boxes of cookies on Friday night. I stayed the night at my mom's on Saturday while he was gone almost solely to get myself away from the cookies. But, since I've been home today, I've easily had 12 cookies, splitting it up between the different flavors. At an average of 65 calories PER COOKIE, I took in 780 extra calories in sugar and carbohydrate. This coming from just a few days ago, eating bell peppers for my sweetness.

Blah. This is my problem, it is SO hard for me to maintain these new healthy eating habits. As much as I LOVE the food on Sonoma Diet, it's ingrained in me to just eat eat eat. While I've suppressed it so far this month, today was a cranky day: Trevor was gone twice this week...overnight in Hollywood last night, and back to work tonight. AND I read The Time Traveler's Wife, and absorbed her mood. Add all that on to my cabin fever, with only Delaney or the pets to talk to most of the time, and I've been in a serious funk today. It's a cut and dry case of using food to fix my loneliness.

Why do I sabotage myself like this? Days like this are when I nag and deliberately antagonize my boyfriend too. I should be taking my aggression and frustration out in a workout, but the TV's on, and Kirstie Alley weighs 12lbs more than me, so I'm just depressed and lackluster about everything. (Altho, here's an interesting article about why your weight fluctuates so much during the day.)

The good news is I've figured out how to get the baby to sleep thru most of the night...I woke up this morning with ridiculous energy...maybe the same this will happen tomorrow and I'll get up and jog. Wow, wouldn't that be productive. I have been regular with pilates, and did the dog park on Saturday. Today is just a anomaly. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wave 1: One day left!

Oh my god. I would KILL for some Light Phish Food. Not even the full-fat one, just the lighter version. Or maybe even just a piece of dark chocolate. But I won't cave! Not until Tuesday, at least. These combined Pilates/Sonoma results are too good to cheat before the initial Wave is over.

This is not to say I feel deprived in any sort of way, I'm full off of less food, and its been SO tasty. Salmon, chicken, pork, steak. Spinach, bell pepper, garlic, broccoli. Pretty much all I've been eating, and I couldn't be happier. We went to SF the other day, and we ordered some fried zucchini with our chowder, but I was SO not into the breading. It's as if my taste buds have changed, which is most certainly not a bad thing. I feel sick even thinking about my "usual" from Jack in the Box.

But. I still want some damn Phish Food.

Measurements (compared to this entry on 2/21)
Weight: 218 (from 226 on 3/1)
Waist: 35.5 (from 37)
Arms: 15.5 (from 16)
Legs: 29.5 (from 30)
Hips: 48 (from 48.5)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sonoma Diet: Halfway mark

So, I'm pretty sure the reason I'm losing weight on the Sonoma Diet is because of the amount of time spent preparing meals, and washing the dishes afterwords. That's my workout, really: burn enough calories before and after the meal to counter act what I actually eat.

Kidding aside, the meals and recipes provided are SO tasty, I don't feel the littlest bit deprived. I find myself feeling fuller before my smaller plate is even cleared, a huge step forward from my loaded plate+seconds habit. Tonight I ate out for the first time on the diet (shoutout to Norman Rose in Napa), and it was actually pretty easy! I got a chicken breast chop with white beans and wilted greens, and when it arrived, there was actually much less greens than I expected. No worry tho, I had the small chicken breast, picked out the greens from the beans, ate a few bites of beans for fiber, and stole a couple asparagus from my sister's plate. I left a huge bowl of beans left on the table and was 100% satisfied.

Full disclosure: I DID have 2 crostinis w/ crab artichoke dip on them. Two bites each. And then I DID have two bites of my [asparagus] sister's coconut creme pie. This, more of a "cheat" than the crab artichoke dip, since I'm in no sugar mode right now. I did have a Diet Coke too, which is maybe why I couldn't resist those couple sweet bites.

Again, this is leaps and bounds better than I would have been two weeks ago.

I had pilates again today, and I can already tell my abs are going to be sore tomorrow and the next day. After my first session, my inner thighs didn't start killing me until 3 days afterwards. So, I'm counteracting that by going 3x/wk, Mon, Weds, Fri. Then I don't give my body a chance to get sore and retensed. Yeah, I just made that word up. But you get the point.

Today I was 220, very exciting! We still have 6 days left on Wave 1, and I'm really looking forward to the results. I was 226 on March 1, so in a week I've lost 6 lbs. Not to shabby, hmm? Best progress I've made in the last two months, in the last year even!

Tomorrow is Trevor's day off, and I think we're going into San Francisco for some touristy fun with baby. Hills, while pushing a stroller? Couldn't hurt :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guest blogging, and more!

Okay guys, I know it's been a little quiet over here. Lets update, shall we?

- First, I really weigh 223. Well, I did 2 days ago, when I started the Sonoma Diet, and Pilates Napa Valley's 10-in-30 program. 10lbs, or 10in, in 30 days.

- I did pilates on Wednesday, and will continue to do it 3 days a week for the next month, and then the next 6 months. If I'm still into it 6 months down the road, my mom is going to train me to be an instructor!

- I haven't been as diligent with Jillian Michaels and my Last Chance Workout DVD. :(

- Sonoma Diet food is REALLY tasty! The black bean chicken wrap is DELISH, and is easily going to be one of my favorite things on this menu. Trevor even liked it!

- Speaking of Trevor, he did Jay Robb's 3-day Fruit Flush, and KILLED it. I did it last year, and was a total wimp. He didn't cheat, or whine even. He has a really healthy and manageable weight loss goal for himself, actually. It makes mine look far fetched and ridiculous. Once he's into it, he's actually a great inspiration on how to go about this weight loss thing. He doesn't even get on the scale every day!

-Finally, as you could have guessed from the title, I'm now guest blogging! To bring some attention to PNV's 10-in-30 program, I'll be blogging over there weekly, or more. While this blog keeps me mostly accountable, I really can't fake it over on that one. Too many people will see me in class, and those yoga pants don't leave much to the imagination. Check it out!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

D-Day Approaches

March 1.

A normal day, nothing special. (Except it's the anniversary of when Yellowstone became the first National Park, the first FM radio station transmitted, Watergate scumbags were indicted, and Ke$ha was born.) Soon, however, Wikipedia will have an addition to their March 1events list:

Chelsea and Trevor's Weight Loss Adventure and Forever Lifestyle Change!

Okay, well it's a little wordy. But, so many things are coming together the week of March 1 to help CATWLAFLC that it deserves some fanfare.

1. OAK jetBlue employees start their own version of "Biggest Loser." This is the first thing that has really motivated Trevor to get back in shape, and with a $20 entry fee, and $5 penalties if you gain weight at the weekly weigh-ins, I don't blame him! I told him I'll gladly pay into some sort of "fat kid fund" at home if I ever gain weight too.

2. Pilates Napa Valley kicks off the March Madness promotion! For existing clients, 4 weeks UNLIMITED sessions for less than a month of 3x/wk. For new clients (or a certain lazy daughter of the owner), a lose 10lbs in 30days program. 3 days/wk for a month PLUS a free copy of the Sonoma Diet book. This too will be less than the standard 3x/wk month-long package. Details are coming, so don't quote me yet (but feel free to say I referred you when you call to book an appointment!) Mom and I are still ironing out the specifics, but I'll be starting my 10-in-30 regime on Wednesday, complete with the Sonoma diet.

Okay, now I know you're saying, "Wait a minute homeslice. How can it be a lifestyle change if you're going on a 'diet'?" Well, homeskillet, I have a very good answer for that. The Sonoma Diet is not so much a "only eat lettuce for 6 months" diet. It does start out with a 10day Phase One, where you're not to eat ANY sugar (including fruits) to rid yourself of a sweet tooth. After that, it just focuses on fresh foods. My mom lost 6lbs in her first 10 days! The meals are really tasty, and don't feel like "diet" food, because they're not really. It just teaches you to eat for health and flavor, all at the same time.

In addition to this renewed effort in health, I'm working on discovering happiness in my career choice. I'm starting some behind the scenes work for PNV, to start flexing my marketing muscles. It's the first step to ensuring my mental health is on the same level as my physical health, both of which I've been neglecting recently.

March 1, it is

Oh, PS? That Biggest Loser DVD is no joke. I sweat more this evening than I have in a year and a half. And I'm going on 40hrs of ZERO sleep at this point. Oh, motherhood.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Workout: Biggest Loser - Last Chance Workout

Well, I did it. I finally bought a fitness DVD. I almost didn't, because Trevor decided to make some jerk comment of "No, you won't actually do it." But I told him to shove it, and I put it in the cart. I'll admit, I have had some commitment problems to exercise in the last year. Big plans without follow through. But that's no excuse for him to be a douche about it. Anyway, if anything it angered and motivated me.

The Biggest Loser: Last Chance Workout DVD is really amazing, actually. I mean, today was my first time doing it, and I had to take a break between the warm up, and the main workout to nurse, but it quickly got my heartrate up, and sweat dripping.

Jillian leads the workout, with fan favorite contestants from 2009 and 2008 season. It has a warm up, cool down, and then three middle sections to alternate between. The "Last Chance Workout" (which has a different version every two weeks), a lower-body and a upper body focus section. It totals out to about 30min per day.

I only did the "Last Chance Workout" today, Week 1-2, and it kicked my ass. Using only hand weights and weight resistance, Jillian takes you thru 30 second intervals, trading off between cardio with muscle training, and muscle training with cardio. I really didn't expect my dinky 3lbs weights to do much, but I was definitely ready to put them down by the time the interval was over.

It's something I absolutely recommend. As I sit here and type, I can already feel the soreness kick in, which is the sign of a job well done.

I think I'm going to start Pilates at my mom's studio next week. She and I have some big plans, so stay tuned for those!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little successes

Hmph. No weight loss, but I do have some shrinkage!

Waist : 2/11 = 38in, 2/21 = 37in
Bust : 2/11 = 44in, 2/21 = 42in
Arms : 2/11 = 16.5in, 2/21 = 16in
Hips : 2/11 = 49in, 2/21 = 48.5
Legs : 2/11 = 30.5in, 2/21 = 30

Its about 4.5 inches total. Not too bad considering I've done more toning exercises than get sweaty. Thats changing tomorrow morning tho, I have to satiate these running dreams, and release some tension.

Tomorrow, I will jog for 15min, then promptly die a slow and agonizing death on my front steps. Fun!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tips and Tricks: Cutting Calories

There's a lot of books and articles out there about how to cut calories, and they range from valid and informational to completely insane. This is a short list of what I've found works for me:

I'm a classic overeater, and since living on my own, it's gotten worse. Trevor doesn't eat leftovers, and I feel like I'm wasting money if we don't eat the entire pot. So, I have two ways to combat this instinct.

Cut recipes in half. Most recipes are written for 4, so before you know it, the pan is empty and even a healthy recipe's calories have doubled.

Dish up leftovers first. If I make my lunch plate for the next day, and get it in the fridge before I even sit down to eat dinner, there won't be any food leftover for tempting seconds.

Another super easy thing to do is to use smaller plates. This works best with my nemesis, carbs. Cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes. All are easily overserved, and then overeaten. I know there are tips to eat almonds, or thing like FullBars before a meal to dissuade hunger, but I find I still eat the same amout of food regardless, ignoring my "full" feeling. It's best to use these mental tricks, personally.

I also frequently confuse boredom and thirst for hunger. This likely stems from afternoons alone after school, and trying to fill voids with food. So, I drink lots of water, in the form of coffee, tea, EmergenC, or Crystal Light. I also try to keep easy snacks like chips, and crackers (more carby goodness) out of the house, and actually make real meals when I think I'm hungry. Work for my food. If it seems like it's going to take too long, I'm not really hungry.

That said, I am a new mom, and sometimes even sauteeing chicken takes too long. So, I'm a big fan of bagged, one pot meals. Birds Eye Garlic Chicken is my favorite. But, again, my financial sense takes over, and I'll make the entire bag for myself, totalling close to 1000 calories for one meal. So, I only make half the bag. Again, then I'm eliminating any temptation to have additional portions, and as long as I wrap the remainder up tight, it's good in the freezer for a couple more days.

Finally, I can't get hungry during the day, or I ignore all these smart tips to avoid over consuming. So, small snacks that are full fiber, filling, and not calorie-dense help me immensely. FiberOne bars, and apples top the list.

Of course, the best trick is to actually make a lifestyle of implementing these, something that is clearly a challenge for me as I continue this lifelong battle over my inner fat kid. But as long as I never feel deprived, it's easy to do.

Also, here's a bonus fashion tidbit: my sister's breakdown of legwear definitions. Since I've been pregant, and actually since my mom opened Napa Valley Pilates, I've been a constant stretchy
-pants offender. I'm sure I'm not the only mommy who needs a reminder of what's socially acceptable.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nowhere to go but down

If I'm being honest about my weight and body fat, why not my measurements too? At the very least, I won't have to search for a scribbled sticky note to see if I've made any progress.

As of 2/11:

Waist : 38in
Bust : 44in
Arms : 16.5in
Hips : 49in
Legs : 30.5in

I'm not sure what the "exact" measurement spots are, but I've always gone by the widest part. I've felt my clothes become looser, but no weight loss really. I know this is because I'm not doing a ton of fat-melting cardio, but instead getting my sweat on with muscle toning.

There's a couple DVDs that intrigue me, that promise to get my heart rate up and sweat dripping down, all in the comfort of my living room while the baby chatters in her swing. Once I get my refund check, I'm all over it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Body fat shocker

I forgot to mention that I now know my body fat percentage. Well, within 5 points of it. It's embarrassing, and terribly high:


Isn't that gross? I've always been muscular, and assumed my weight was more muscle mass, but apparently not. What did I expect really? I went to the gym and sweat maybe 15 times since August 08. The last time I ran was the day I found out I was pregnant!

Well, that's changing, and the only place that disgusting number can go is down. The healthy eating has continued, with an exception this evening with more pasta consumed than I should have had. Savory carbs really are my nemesis. Noodles mostly. But, it's been a long day of coddling my constipated and cranky baby, so I'd rather a little more pasta than the beer I was considering.

But I do have some good news! My new jeans are loose on me. I also notice it in my LuLuLemon pants that I've worn 5 out of 7 days during and after my pregnancy. I'm sure Trevor will be happy to see me rid of every pair of black stretchy pants. I'm not making any promises. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mental Health Day

Or, really, my lack of it.

I'm extremely stressed and unhappy today. It's been a long long long 3 weeks, and even though baby and I just spent some time with Trevor in SLC, I'm back in an empty, torn up house, doing it all alone.. We still have until Friday, and as my mom puts it, I'm "in the bell jar."

Today is so much worse, as when Trevor agreed to go out to SLC, it was only supposed to be a couple days. We were supposed to be back and a family again. Baby hasn't slept peacefully in 48hrs, and when she does, its for 30-45min at best. She's gained weight so fast in the last week or so, and it's taking its toll on my back. I got out of bed today wanting to cry my because it hurts so bad.

Luckily, the baby is really the only thing that gets me happy.. Even when she cries (and I want to bawl right along with her) when she does smile at me, or laugh in her sleep, it makes this all worth while.

No matter how much I ask of her, baby will keep nursing even if my tits are empty. No matter how much I want her dad and my man back here, I'm not working at the moment, so a paycheck needs to come home. My physical health is the only thing I really do have control over these days.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Life in the hotel

Remember how excited that my man was coming home?

Well. He was, for like 3 days, before his company sent him off to Salt Lake City for reservation support for an undisclosed amount of time. Luckily, baby and I were able to go with him, and I took the time to continue eating right, and getting workouts in.

I've done the workout plan from last week everyday, substituting the hand weights for filled water bottles. Hey, you do what you can. I've also used baby for some tricep work, with kisses between every rep.

Now, I'm ready to join a gym. I'm going to use my massive Head Of Household tax refund to sign up for 6mo plans for Trevor and I. Unfortunately, there isn't a PFGym near us, which is where I lost all my weight in 2007. But, there is Ultimate Fitness, where I've gone on and off for the last 3 years. First, I had a free membership thru work, then I got a free membership for my birthday from my mom.

It's a big gym, with not many members. But it's clean, in a great area, and I know the equipment, and a few trainers. The only problem is occasionally running into my old employer, or previous high school classmates. This is more of an annoyance, really. With all this extra weight to lose, and baby waiting for me in the day care, I don't have time to chat.

But, then again, there's plenty of working out I can do outside a gym, as I've kicked my own ass this week. Maybe better to save my money, and join a gym when there's something to show off.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Work, work, work it out.

I found my skinny mommy workout! Truthfully, anybody can do it, but it's a series of full-body exercises, with a focus on the tummy area, from Fitness Magazine.

In general, has a new mom, new body section. It lists super foods for us with no time to ourselves: eggs, skirt steak, salmon, fiberlicious cereal, and spinach. Good news! All favorites.

The workout plan that won me over consists of exercises and muscle toning that I've previously done, and loved. Designed specifically to fit into baby's schedule, you can get the whole routine done on the floor of the baby's room while she sleeps. No equipment (save 3-5lbs hand weights if you want), no DVDs, no problem.

Of course, they have their testimonials, but it makes sense. Eat right, burn more calories than you take in (without NOT eating, as we learned last week), and build lean muscle, and you'll get the body you want. This just gives me a helping hand so I'm not just doing lunges all around the house.

I have my post-partum visit today, and then the work will begin this afternoon.

PS, I don't work for Fitness Magazine, nor do I subscribe to it. I found a wrinkled copy in the magazine rack at my mom's house. But, after reading it, I do like it, and think it puts a healthy focus on fitness and wellness, versus skinniness.

Friday, January 29, 2010


So, I only lost two pounds from 223, but that's after gaining weight the first week Trevor was gone. Then this week, I wasn't eating enough, and the baby became very upset with me.

This week is a big week for us, mommy/baby wise. Because I wasn't eating right, and she'd nurse for hours without being satiated, I gave her her first bottle of formula. Also, I started taking birth control again.

I'm stuck in this catch 22, I want to eat less because I'm fat, but I need to eat more to feed the baby and get my 500 calorie deficit per day. Now that I'm on birth control, I'm even more concerned about weight gain. Additionally, I need to go back to work here soon, which limits my time and further complexes the situation.

Luckily, Trevor got off the airplane determined to get back in shape. With him calling me on my fat kid tendencies, and me cooking healthful food for the both of us, this should be easy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More motivation

There's a mini family reunion happening in April, and all my cousins are outdoorsy, fit people. Some I haven't seen since I was 6-7 yrs old, and we're all on Facebook, so there's bound to be photos.

In other news, I ate like shit today.

1tbsp of garlic hummus w/ half a slice of naan bread
2 cups coffee
popcorn chicken and ocean water from Sonic (I did give half the chicken to AllieDog)
diet coke
spaghetti w/ meat sauce w/ cup of broccoli
sugar-free cocoa w/ milk

First of all, I doubt I hit a decent number of calories (and I know I'm not eating the 2700 nursing moms are supposed to eat.) Secondly, all crap, save that banana, broccoli and fresh spagetti sauce. Third, no wonder baby was awake and cranky all day. Hate to say it, but I should cut back on the caffeine. Today was an abnormally high day, but I had bills to pay and connections to make.

I need to get this weight off fast. In 06, I used diet, exercise, and HydroxyCut. Now that I'm nursing (and it was recalled from the market) I won't be using that crutch. Also, my body fat ratio is higher than it's ever been (I always had decent muscle tone regardless of weight), so if I start moving more, it SHOULD melt away, ala Biggest Loser, right?

Luckily, the rain has stopped, at least long enough for me to get the baby outside. I'm thinking a nice long walk thru the vineyards with the dogs and baby in a front pack tomorrow morning. Could I BE more of a Napa mom?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

fat MOM no more.

I bit the bullet today, and bought a new pair of jeans. Initially, I wasn't planning to until my maternity jeans were falling of of me, but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror the other day, and I looked frumpy and tired and fat.

Okay, I am fat. I had to buy 16's today, which I haven't worn since fall of 05. At that point, they were my "skinny" jeans. Truth be told, I put on my freshly washed and dried mat jeans today, and they slid on easier than they have recently. (you know when they're tight, and you have to do some squats to get them on fully?)

I didn't weigh myself at the end of this week, as I've been dealing with a sick baby, and a leaky roof. But I did completely purge my fridge of all crap, so much so I sometimes wander through the kitchen hoping to find some old box of crackers I may have missed. I've been eating all fresh food, and nursing up a storm, which explains the easier fitting jeans. I haven't been able to walk as much as I've wanted, with the torrential downpours this past week.

Regardless of size, the new jeans with the dark wash (and the Spanks underneath them) makes me feel pretty again, something I haven't felt since I had the baby. I've felt motherly and dignified and mature, but not pretty. Feeling good about myself is my best motivator to continue any acts of self-improvement.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fresh Start

Literally, 'fresh' as in 'not prepackaged'. Delaney and I braved the torrential downpours and went to Walmart to cure my boredom and empty-fridge syndrome.

We only walked thru the perimiter of the grocery section, picking up bulk and healthy items to make quick and tasty meals:

snack-pack cottage cheese
reduced fat cheddar cheese
Individually frozen chicken breasts, tilapia, and salmon
Cuties tangerines
romaine lettuce
baby spinach leaves
lean ground beef
baby carrots

Now I have a big pot of couscous on the stove to refrigerate and use for future dinners, saving me time away from baby. I'm going to portion out the ground beef too, and use it mostly for this lentil chili I got from Costco. I feel so much better with these healthy items to pull from, more in control.

Now, if baby would just fall asleep and let me clean the kitchen the feeling would be complete. :)

Epiphany De-ja-vu

Watch out, I'm a triple threat. I eat for fuel, I eat with emotions, and I eat when I'm bored. No wonder this has been a life long struggle for me. I know this, I've learned this and conquered these downfalls, but I've relapsed.

I mentioned in the last post that Trevor is gone for two weeks, and I had manageable goals to get into a routine while he's away. I started out with promise: I walked a brisk 2mi with baby in her front-pack, AND ate a ton of veggies on the first day. I was at my mom's house, and she makes health fun for me (versus when I was a teen, and I seemingly rebelled from her skinny mini lifestyle).

The next morning on the drive home, all that ruffage went right thru me. However, in my few hours at home alone with the baby and the animals, I ate the remaining snacks in the house to fill the lonliness. Ironic, I realized, as I was only home to feed the cats their daily dry boring kibble. I realize when feeding them, the dog, or the baby: they only eat when they're hungry.

This as my mantra, I head back up to moms place to spend the night again and avoid my empty house (funny how large a void one member of the family leaves). I do well the rest of the day, and this morning, having hot tea or water when feeling snacky. But, home again this afternoon, and I fall right back into it. I've done light picking up, but mostly have spent the day on the couch with the baby. I get up to look at my empty fridge, and it makes me hungry. So I have a string cheese and a cup noodles, and a FiberOne bar, and a weight watchers frozen meal (after seriously considering ordering something in.) I really wanted the remaining Ben and Jerry in the freezer, so went upstairs and weighed myself and decided against it. Strong, right?

Then the baby is nursing and tv is boring and Trevor hasn't called. So I called him until I woke him up, felt like a lonely needy jerk, and went and grabbed that damn ice cream, and washed it down with Diet Coke. Recently (prebaby) when upset, I would clean to distract myself, or make some crafty goodness. But with the baby attached to my boob, my only way to deal with my emotions is food. The crap I'm eating isn't good for me, and makes the baby gassy and cranky, further exaborating my overwhelming feeling of lonliness.

I've cleaned out the kitchen of crap, made a grocery list full of crunchy veggies, and have now publicly announced my secret failures. At this point, I don't think I could get any worse, so I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and the changes I know I can make.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Goal setting

It's time to set some goals. Obtainable "check off the list" goals. This is a first for me! I do it when I need to tackle the housework, or get a project done, but I've never done it for my weight loss.

Right now, at 223, I've lost 25lbs since having my baby, and the weight has stopped magically falling off. Apparently I need to do more than breastfeed while watching Biggest Loser! The amount of weight I need to lose is pretty signifigantly, and overwhelming. Days tick by without any trackable process, because I don't know where to start. Luckily, I have some milestones in the next 12 months:

March 28 - SCV Birthday Dinner
July 1 - InLaws' Wedding
August 17 - 5yr anniversary
Sept 28 - Turn 23
Dec 23 - Baby's 1st birthday

Based on 2lbs a week, I should be able to lose close to 100
lbs by the baby's birthday. However, forseeing plateaus, and the fact that i'd be ridiculously small at 120lbs, I'm aiming for 80. Only 1lb a week for the last 3mo:

March 28 - 20lbs
July 1- 48lbs
Aug 17 - 62lbs
Sept 28 - 72lbs
Dec 23 - 85lbs

How am I going to do this? Well, since I am breastfeeding, I can't 'diet' persay. And, without doctor clearance yet, I can't do anything too stressful. Baby steps :)

Currently, Trevor is away on business for 2 wks, and everything is up to me. So, on top of mommy duties, and wifey chores, I'll also be doing the papa jobs: lugging the carrier around, lifting the stroller into the car, carrying baby 100% of the time. These things alone should burn a few hundred extra calories a day. On top of this, I'm going to get in a walking/Pilates schedule. This way, I'll have a set routine when he gets home, and I'll be less likely to make excuses.

To start, I will nurse baby when we first wake up, then load her up into the stroller and take her and AllieDog for a 20min walk. Then, I will do Pilates with my mom 2x a week. Luckily, since she owns the place, I can work out on baby's schedule, and come in when mom's not teaching a full class.

It's ambitious, surely. But, it is doable, as long as I put my mind to it. I find myself avoiding pictures with the baby, since I'm not happy with how I look. I can't let my vanity rob us of anymore memories.