Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey, I got some new [jeans] on...

..and suddenly everything was right!

Yep. Size 14s. Still the national average size, since we're an obese country.... but I digress. At least I'm no longer ABOVE the average!

I finally broke down, and [my mom] bought a pair for me from Kohl's. Totally cute Levi's, bootcut, dark wash, with some nailheads on the butt. They're the slightest bit tight in the waist, which is only a constant reminder to choose snacks carefully.

More importantly, seeing my butt look cute again is such an enormous ego boost. I've been wearing the same pair of saggy 16's for MONTHS now, and fell out of love with jeans entirely. This is pretty huge, being that I'm a diehard jeans and sweater girl. But now, having jeans that fit and look AMAZING (and a new collection of adorable cardis for the top), I feel like I'm back. 14 or no, I look GOOD, and it's just another step on the way back to size 8. Only 3 sizes to go!

BTW, my Thinner Winner team WON 5th place. And their scale was way off of what mine has said the whole time. Soooo just a tad disappointing. But, whatevs. At least we didn't lose. Hey, think about it this way: I GAINED a new pair of jeans! eh?