Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well, this is according to my wacked out scale.

But, I'm not getting a new scale anytime soon sooooo we're gonna just keep going with the number it gives me, even if that means taking a numerical step back.

I'm working out everyday, a nice combination of cardio and weight lifting...I'm concentrating on my core. My legs and arms are pretty muscular, it's my lower abs and lower obliques that are my problem areas. While they have muscle too (it's always nice to discover unknown muscles in the mirror) I'm flabbiest there.

97 days to go!

2.16lbs a week


My motivation:
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Me at Christmas.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's crunch time, ladies and gentlemen.

So, as I was dating brownie bites at Starbucks yesterday, I noticed their expiration date is June 28th. Which is of course, 3 months from September 28th, which is the deadline for me to lose 50lbs.

I'm sitting at having lost 23-25lbs, remember my wacky scale, so that just leaves me with just another 25ish to go. I lost 20lbs in the first two months of this, and then pretty much stopped working out/eating better until just recently. Soooo to my body, I'm starting a new diet, which is of course when you lose the most weight.

The difference this time is I'm pretty much broke. So no SlimFast anymore, and definitely no more HydroxyCut. True, I only bought one bottle of it and only took them sporadically, but still. This is true dieting here now folks. I'm really good at working out after work. I love it. Today I've been browsing photos of my weekend drum corps shows, so I didn't go when I got off 2hrs ago, but I still have all afternoon. It's only 12:30 for jeezy.

Everyone at work knows about my dieting and working out, and I find that is super helpful. I don't want to have a pastry because then I'll just fall back into Fat Kid mode, and people will feel sorry for me for not having any self-control. There's actually a couple who want to come work out with me, or lay out in the sun with me after, which is super convinient, since I live right behind work. I like it. Making friends and looking better all at the same time, right?

Well here's a recent picture of me, from the weekend actually. My thunder thighs have never looks smaller. (even set between two skinny guys, I don't look too bad, huh?)