Friday, April 27, 2007



I guess stress is the best diet for me.

Well, stress, thin stick pretzels (2cal each), and Diet Nestea (0cal).

Life kinda sucks right now, I'm pretty much stuck in Florida for the moment. Until a miracle happens, or my mom comes to her senses (which in itself would be a miracle.)

I have the day off, so lots of matinence cleaning...we got the carpets cleaned 2 weeks ago, but still have a non-potty trained puppy. Reason # 247.3 it makes more sense for us to leave now. I'm thinking I'll just cover the carpet in puppy pads, yeah?

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yesterday morn, after my exciting first day of eating well and recording as much, I weighed 184.4. It's always that, right? Ugh. Well, apparently thats where I was.

This morning, after a pretty crappy eating day, (it started with Cracker Barrell, then nothing, then a chicken sandwich and shared strawberry shortcake at the Marlin's game) I weighed almost a pound less!

Today I've just had a couple chunks of melon, about 20 thin stick pretzels, and a can of 0cal Nestea. My boyfriend's the best, he came home with a bunch of no-calorie drinks for us. Water does get rather boring.

Tonight's DCI Classic Countdown, but I gotta get some housecleaning done after work so I can sell the house to our friend Marcus. Yes, that would be good. That way I can move my smaller butt back to California!

Eek, I gotta be at work in 14min.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2800cal lighter


Keeping a food diary keeps me focused on what I'm eating. I can't just forget about calories if I'm writing them down, so I don't want to eat the bad stuff so I don't have to have written proof I ate them!

Sooooo I ate 1476.5cal today...not bad at all! Jackie on Workout wants her SkyLab clients eating 1300 calories, so I'm close, yeah?

I think I mentioned last night that to maintain my weight, I need to consume 2400 calories a day, to make up for all that I burn, just existing throughout the day. So, what everyone tells you, is to take the "daily energy expenditure" number, and make sure you have 500 less calories every day to lose 1lb a week. (3500cal=1 pound)

For example: I could eat 2400 calories a day and burn an extra 500 calories by working out, and if I did that everyday, I'd lose a pound a week. Or, I could not workout at all, and eat 500 less calories. Or, the easiest way the experts suggest, eat 250 less calories and burn 250 more calories.

Get it? Got it.

Sooooo I ate 1476.5 calories today, right?

Well, including my daily energy expediture (2400cal), my fast walking at work for 4 hours (1300cal) and my bike/eliptical workout this evening (150+450cal) I had a defecit of 2823.5cal.

That means I only have about 700 more calories to burn to lose 1 whopping pound, in one day!

Yay math.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Back on the Fat Wagon

And I hate it.

I've gained about 3lbs from my lowest of 180.4, and it just feel so icky. Today and Saturday I did 30min of cardio, then some ab and arm exercises. I've also enlisted my boyfriend to yell at me and withold cuddles until I work out. Quite convincing, I have to say.

I've come up with some different tactics to tackle my next 20lbs. I'm starting a food/exercise journal, complete with calorie counts (burned and consumed). says I should be consuming about 1600cal a day to lose weight. I know I go from 1000-2000 calories. Quite a difference there, huh?

Also, CFC also told me my BMI is 31. This is better than 35, what it used to be...but this is also NOT taking into account the amount of muscle I have versus other people of my height/weight. So, I'm assuming it's right around 28...which, while still heavy, is not too far away from a healthy BMI of 18-24.

I've also created a Excel spread sheet to record my weight, waist size, and energy level for the next three weeks, and I am NOT weighing myself 47billion times a day. I'm going to try for every two days...which is a lifetime for me!

Okay, I have to go pick up boyfriend now...I skipped out on cuddling with him between turns at the bowling alley to come home and work out. Which I did. There was a skinny chick on the eliptical when I went across the street to the little gym (like, 10x10') and I almost didn't go in.

But then I did, and now I smell. Yay.