Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Slowwwwwwww weight loss. But I'm figuring any day now I'll lose like 5 lbs since I got so much smaller recently.

On the Blue Devil front, we're going to run at least a mile at auditions, so I need to get up to two miles super comfortably. I have my audition packet purchased, and one of the two updates downloaded. I also have exercises, and warm ups, which will help my finger dexterity to better perform my audition piece.

I'm so, SO excited about auditions now.

Today's plan (no work until like 2:30):
School 8-930
edit: go see mom at work so I can can money for a co-pay at Kaiser.
Go to Kaiser, try to get new glasses and contacts.
11am Dentist appt for a permanent crown. (ugh.)
Come home, PRACTICE for like an hour.
Leave early for work, go to the gym with my fancy new ipod. (which now works, but my Nike+ shoes are too big!)
Work @ 2:30
Jazz band @ 6:30 up in Napa.