Saturday, May 29, 2010

Back in the game

How do new moms do this? Seriously. I was reading a craft blog thing, where the lady JUST had a baby, showing off her 8-day postpartum belly, and it seriously looked like she could go do a bikini photo shoot.

Shoot ME, while she's at it.

I mean, to each their own, but girlfriend said she still had 30lbs to lose. I have 30lbs to lose, and I'm still 30lbs overweight. Oh, and stretch marks? Yeah, I'll never be doing a bikini photo shoot really.

Bah. I got a perfectly mellow and happy baby out of my ordeal, so I still win.

I made a decision to eat less a few days ago, and since have dropped 3lbs. I occasionally have late night dates with Jillian Michaels OnDemand, and this weekend is chock full of yard work. (well, as chock full as it can be with a sicky baby). Let me tell you, yanking out 5ft tall weeds is a full body workout. And I've got a nice little summer glow started at the same time. Nothing like being physical and sweating under some hot sun!

We're headed to Florida over July 4th weekend, which means I have 5wks to lose 15lbs, and get back under 200. It can be done!