Saturday, September 15, 2007

my best assests are disappearing

Soooo, I've lost like 10lbs since DCA weekend. Maybe a little less, but not really. Unfortunately, that weight seems to have disappeared from my butt and my boobs. My mom noticed the top, and boyfriend definitely notices the lower part missing :(

So I'm looking for the Daisy Duke workout...what Jessica Simpson did to get ready for the movie. I want to be in shape, but I can't lose my signature behind!

Haha, whatever. I'm being ridiculous.

My birthday is in two weeks. With twenty pounds to go now, I'm successfully past the 1/2 way mark, and with my recent weight loss without any exercising, it would be easy to assume I might get there. But I know realistically I won't make it down to 150, but I'm trying. I'm going to work out tomorrow morning, and sunday as well...I just have to get in workouts when I can. I might start going up to Fuerza (my mom's pilates studio) on Tuesday mornings between classes...I know she'd like that. I probably should.

I'm pretty happy with my progress. I know I sucked it up this summer, and I wasted a bunch of time...but there's no denying I lost 30lbs. I'm very much looking forward to family pictures this Christmas, and comparing them to last year.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

teeth suck (173.8)

Hi guys.

I'm eating again, good thing. The puking has stopped, I'm just still super tired.

But a couple weeks ago I had a filling done. It was for a tooth with a really deep groove, and apparently even if I washed my mouth out with bleach every night on top of brushing/flossing twice daily, I still would have ended up with a cavity in that tooth.

Well, the filling they put in had to go super deep, and now it is cracking my tooth apart. Sweet, huh? So my dentist thinks I definitely need a crown, and I probably need a root canal too. (I'll find out on Friday) UGH. Add this on top of the wisdom teeth I need pulled, and I've got a big ol' party going on in my mouth.

I just picked (maybe) my audition piece, and if I end up with all this major mouth surgery, how exactly am I supposed to practice? Double tounging (my nemisis) isn't exactly easy anyway, let alone with gobs of gauze in my mouth. Friggin' A.

Heh, the plus side is I'll only be able to eat out of a straw, so maybe I'll lose more weight.



Ugh. Today sucks. Add that on to my test in Physchology today, which I am completely UNprepared for (kinda hard to prepare without a book.), and I'm pretty freaking cranky this morning/afternoon.

I do have jazz ensemble later, which I'm very much looking forward to. I'm playing with a ton of people from high-school. It's actually almost exactly the make-up of jazz band my junior year, with a couple old guys thrown in the mix.

Okay. I'm gonna go study my notes for class now. I hope I don't need a scantron or anything. That would REALLY friggin' suck.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Well hi!

I know, what a stranger, huh? Well I just got back from Rochester last week, and I've been very sick this weekend. I finally have weekends free, so I promise I won't be so neglectful (I know, the best laid plans, right?)

In BD news, I practiced for an hour today, on a incredibly hard but FUN etude. We'll see if I stick with it, but I have to pick a piece very soon so I can get that down pat.

Health wise, eh, haven't worked out at all recently. But doing a lot of drum corps (and way less eating) has helped me maintain, and DROP weight! Do you see that? 173. (ish) Super close to the 160s :)

Tiffany from Renegades has offered herself for (free) tutoring sessions for me, add that on to Jazz band on Tuesdays and my supportive boyfriend, and I've got practicing down. I got running to like 15min without dying, always trying to do better.

Trev and I are considering getting me to a mid-west BD auditions, get my face out there some more. Imagine me being in Indy at auditions, and John Mehann's face, lol.

Now we're off to the dog park and dinner at mom's house.