Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Found Body Awareness

You know, I beat myself up about one day of craptacular eating, but I'm ignoring the big picture:

I look pretty damn good.

Really. For the better part of the last year, I watched everything on my grow. Boobs, belly, arms, butt. Everything ballooned (as is normal and natural in a pregnancy.) Combine that with my thankless job, and my self esteem absolutely plummeted. Questioning my attractiveness, my intelligence, my life choices.

But this past month has been amazing to getting me back where I should be. While my body weight is still a good 50lbs heavier than my end-of-year goal, the SHAPE of it is getting back to normal. I mean, I did drum corps for 5 years, but my legs have never looked better. Throw on some heels, and fake tanner, and these short legs look like they should be insured.

Okay, maybe not that good, but definitely the best I've ever seen them.

I truly mean it when I say it's the pilates that's doing this to me. I haven't been doing any cardio, or other muscle building...changing the diet would make me smaller, but not change the shape of things. My lower tummy is getting flatter, the muffin top is shrinking, and the back fat is almost gone. And like I said, I still have 50lbs to go!

Now I have a new job in sales, which reassured my confidence in my field. I have to be out and about selling printing, so personal appearance is priority, versus the super casual dress code of my previous position.

Tomorrow is my first day, and I have so many outfits that look fabulous, I don't know what to chose! The blue LC Lauren Conrad dress with pockets and pleats($12)? The purple and grey Elle flower empire waist dress with ruffles? The green BCBG dress with embroidery? Perhaps some grey slacks with a flowy top and my cropped biker jacket? Oh, the options are endless.

I NEED to add in cardio...I'm thinking about sucking it up, putting the dog on a leash, strapping a can of mace to my waist, and go running in the morning. It's just soooo dark out at 6:30am right now, and I don't live in the best of neighborhoods. But, the gangsters are in bed by dawn, right?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Who needs a solid milk-chocolate egg, anyway?

Ew. I ate FAR too much yesterday, as I always do at the in-law's for holidays. We stopped at SBUX on the way in, and split a breakfast sandwich, hoping that would curb my appetite....but no. Arrived to the usual spread of stuffed mushrooms, chicken-artichoke dip, and shrimp cocktail. Grazed, then ate dinner of ham, new potatoes, brussel sprouts and mashed turnip. Then strawberry-rhubarb crumble.

Oh, did I mention I made seven dozen oatmeal-chocolate cookies each the night before? Yeah...

How am I doing?

I woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE. Dehydrated with heartburn worse than pregnancy, and my stretchy pants were suffocating me. But, it being the baby's first Easter (and my boyfriend's birthday) we were overloaded with candy. After a quick sort through the bounty, we threw most of it away:

Buh bye. We only kept a few pieces of Scottish candy that we only get once a year, and started eating fresh again this morning with Panera salads for brunch. I'm now sipping black coffee to kill the sugar racing through my blood stream, and am considering my diet for the next week or so. I'm thinking about going back on Wave 1 of the Sonoma Diet to get everything back on track. Who's with me?

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