Saturday, March 1, 2008


Oof, it's been a long time since I was in here. Sorry about that, life is really busy.

I had camp last weekend, and it was amazing! Everything we did, I was able to do, without dying/puking afterwards. I was actually EXCITED about the lunges across the floor, since I do those with 10lb weights.

I was really depressed for a while about my weight. From BD auditions in November, to about three weeks ago, I gained 10lbs. No bueno. But in the past three weeks, I've dropped back down to 173, and don't really see an end in sight. I have a healthy gym regimen; I'm there about 4-5x a week.

I'll do 20min of running, starting at 6mph, then bumping it up every 5min .2mph. Then I'll do weight lifting/strength training for 30min, either focusing on abs and arms/shoulders/back, or abs and butt/legs. Always abs, heh. The top part of my tummy is nice and flat, it's just right below my belly button I have what I call my "belly boobs." The basically looks like a small hill, divided by the line that a happy trail would follow.

It's pretty much my worst problem zone. I've come to terms with my arms, they'll get smaller as I lose the fat from around the guns I have down there. My butt/thighs used to be one, but I've come to terms with that area, and I happen to like that shape. Just have it be smaller, proportionately. Heh.

So I've been doing Pilates, and eating less fat, and crunches that target the lower ab area, on top of my cardio and everything else. I'm sure it'll be my last thing that I'll always complain about...I just wanna wear lower rise jeans, for god's sake! Wear a bathing suit without having to pull it up to my belly button! (Which, I never do, just feel like I should.)

In other news, yesterday I look all the dogs to the dog park for about an hour, and I already have my sports bra tan line back. WTF.