Monday, January 2, 2012


230 is what my scale said a couple days ago, before the New Year weekend. Ew, gross. Can't really blame anything but myself…despite best efforts, I haven't made it to the gym more than twice since the half-marathon. A month ago I finished 13.1 miles, and today I feel more icky than ever, rather than motivated and empowered.

I read a blog post of a Biggest Loser contestant from the last season I watched, and she too has fallen off the momentum wagon. Shay Sorrells opened up on her Tumblr about the 7 things she did wrong to gain all the weight back, and yep, I'm committed every sin.

So, I've started tracking calories again, and boy was I in for a surprise. That roasted turkey sandwich on whole wheat from Arby's today? Almost 900 CALORIES. Jesus. With half my curly fries, and half an order of jalepeno poppers (no secret there that the latter two items are officially off my eatable-list), lunch totaled out to 1392 CALORIES.

Are you kidding me? With my respectable oatmeal breakfast and pistachio snack, by lunchtime I was already 400 calories OVER my 1400 goal.

So, I made a salad with chicken for dinner that rounded things out with less than 400 calories - still ending the day with 800 more calories than allotted.

Hoo boy. Guess I've got some work to do.