Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seriously? I'm over this whole "fat" thing.

Okay, so I just don't get it. I'm running, I'm eating well...and yet, I'm still gaining weight? I mean, it's been 15lbs in 3mo, this is ridiculous. It's back to Slimfast breakfasts and Lean Cuisine lunches, with Hydroxycut before every meal.

Oh, and does anybody know of a birth control that DOESN'T make me gain weight? Jesus. I'm currently on Levelen, but the generic brand.

BTW, my goal weight is 155. I wanna get there before move-in.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Okay, can I just say this please?


Stop degrading the music education profession, and leave children under 18, or any students, ALONE.

There's been way too many of these happening, and FAR too many who I've known, or been close to.

That's it.


Ugh. I think I got the motivation I need to change my diet. This weekend we made pot-roast, a pretty common winter dinner for us, and the next morning I woke up puking. I don't know if it's from the pot roast, or all the sodium I had that day, or whatever...but I know the next morning when I looked at the leftovers I had saved for myself in the fridge, they just looked grey and disgusting.

So, I had toast and eggs for breakfast, chicken noodle soup for lunch, and then Trev made Montery Chicken for Dinner. We had two breasts for each of us, but I was a good little girl and separated half my dinner onto a plate for me to have tomorrow night when Trev is at hockey.

I'm still feeling icky today, and no, I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant, thank you.

I felt good enough to walk through Target this morning after Espanol, and jeez. I need clothes. I effing LOVE winter clothes. The jackets, the lace, the layering...and I'm at a normal enough size so that I'd actually look GOOD in these things! Ugh. Being broke blows. The good news is my credit is decent enough that I got a credit card! Low limit, and high interest rate, but it's enough to pay off a couple of closed accts. I'm pretty happy that my financial situation is clearing up. Maybe I can buy some clothes soon :) (With cash, not credit. I'm not an idiot.)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Okay, so last night Trevor made me Ms. Amana Jambalaya. And it was amazing. So amazing, I had two bowls of it, and THEN a piece of pie. (I guess pumpkin was on sale.)

So, that's my weakness. Winter foods. Carbs. Actually, all food in general. I effing love it. I don't eat a lot of fast-food crap, and when I do, I eat the best thing they have on the menu. I'm a foodie, and I love to taste. Problem is, when we cook, it's typically recipies for 4. I packup leftovers for work the next day, but typically there's more for me to snack on.

Trev had a Sharks game again tonight (and the boys KILLED it), and I got off work early, so I got to spend a good 90min at the gym today. Same strategy as last time, run a fast mile, lift, do elliptical for 25min to get cardio back up, and get rid of that latic acid that makes me hurt the next morning.

I've been talking to some people (Tim, Lauren) and we're working on keeping each other accountable. Lauren is a beast, and actually, Tim ran multiple miles his first day back to the gym, so I guess its more keeping me feeling guilty if I DON'T go to the gym.

I need to change my BC Rx. Get lower Estrogen, or something. This weight gain is retarded. But, until then, it's only going to be hard work.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Total champ.

Okay, so I didn't get up this morning and go to the gym at 5:30.

I suck.

I DID go to the gym tho! Just after work. I like it then. I like it in the morning too. Actually, I pretty much love the gym. Just a matter of remembering that at 5am.

I ran a quick (for me) mile, at 7mph. It's about an 8.5min mile. Then I did a bunch of machines...the thigh one where you work both inner and outer thigh (great for my hip flexor), leg press (they have two different ones...one where you push yourself away, and one where you push the platform away.). Then the ab one where you bring your knees to your elbows, leg lifts for my belly boobs, and side crunches on the back extension bench thingy. Then some arm stuff. Then back to the abs for another round.

Then I did the elliptical for 20min, burned over 200cal on that, then did a half-mile jog to warm down. (mph) Came home, and sauteed two zucchini, half a package of mushrooms, and a chicken breast in some salt, pepper, garlic, and 0-cal spray butter.

Hopefully I won't be too sore tomorrow, since I ran and ellipticalled after I did weight stuff. I'll take an advil with water before bed. BECAUUUSSSE tomorrow is hour-long boot camp at 5:30am. Eff.

Oh, and I'm trying to eat 1300 cal a day. Well, when I say "I'm trying", I mean I just started today. And I'm over by 10%,(calories only, not deducting any for working out) but I definitely see where I can cut that out. Like the two cookies I had before work.
Yeah. Not so bueno.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh yeah, it's that time again

Oh HELLO SkinnyChels. How are you? It's been so long.

Well, folks, it's that time again. Auditions. The summer with SCV was amazing, and I got down to 164lbs, two days after tour. But then silly me started taking birth control again after a 3mo hiatus, and wasn't working out 12hrs a day, so I put on 15lbs.

I've been to the gym a couple times a week for the past month, and managed to lose about 5lbs of that 15. I'm working on faster running, versus running just for a long time. I can job at 5mph for 30min, easy. So, I'm starting at 7mph for a mile, then some elliptical for 20-30min to keep up my heartrate. Work on my cardio endurance without actually running a million miles to kill my leg.

Oh right, my leg. During movein, I tore my left-hip flexor, which let me tell you, hurts like no other. You can't walk, you can't sleep, let alone march all day long. But, my good friends, ibuprofen and ice, helped me get through it. Now it;s just an inconvenient ache. The only plus side is that I don't pay as much attention to my aching knees.

I'm writing today because audition camp is soon upon us. (a month exactly this week) And, even tho I got WAY little for me, I was still the biggest girl in the hornline. (I wasn't for a while in move-ins, but then the other Lauren went home. Oh darn.) And, I'm kinda over that. Another girl in the sop line kinda amazed me...we entered at about the same size, but she was running 5mi a day in the spring season, and never dropped out of running block once. She annoyed me sometimes in her perfection, but ultimately I love her, and was envious of her dedication.

So, that's going to be me this season. It's my age-out year, my 6th year of drum corps...I'd love to get a routine going that I can maintain AFTER the season. I eat pretty decent, but there's definitely room for improvement.

I'm not exactly worried about being cut, but I do want to make a personal statement when I see everybody again after 3mo. So, starting tomorrow morning, I'm at the gym at 5:30. There's a class, Mon-Fri, at that time. Different everyday, but all interest me. Then, I have about an hour to do running or whatever else I feel I need to do to accomplish my drum-corps style conditioning.

Sooooo lets go!

Friday, April 18, 2008

100th post!!

100th post, not 100lbs. But it's alright, I didn't have 100lbs to lose anyway :)

So, my fruit flush diet went REALLY well. I'm typically not into fad diets, or quick fix diets, but this one really worked for me. It was three days of dieting, broken up into two distinct eating styles. The first day was a total of 32oz of water and 1.5C of unsweetened protein mix, broken up into 5 "meals" in the first day, one 6oz glass of the mix every two hours. Then, at dinner on the first day, I was allowed a HUGE salad w/ a little bit of meat, and a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. This was to prepare my body for the next two days, which consisted of again, 5 meals every 2 hours, 100 cal worth of fruit. Then, at dinner, another big salad, same dressing, no meat, and a protein drink.

I did really well, had one half of a cookie on the second day, but all in all lost 9lbs! The last two weeks I gained 10lbs, from eating like shit, not working out, and the crappy food staying in my stomach.

So now, I know the weight loss got me down to my "coasting" weight, I guess. When I'm simply maintaining, and not losing. But now I feel really clean, and I want to keep feeling liek that, also, 9lbs lighter and more energy gives me the push to get out and work out, since I don't feel like a fat bloated pig anymore.

From now until tour, which is a MONTH away, I'm just going on a really low fat, high cardio weight loss plan. I'm still set on my goal of 150, but 15lbs is a lot to lose. I mean, regardless, I'm going to lose a TON of weight on tour, and eat 4 full carbalicious meals a day on tour. I HAVE to, to survive. We're likely eating 3000cal a day on tour, to make up for the 14hr rehearsals, running around in the sun all day.

Here's the thing. My body is more prepared than it ever has been going into a drum corps tour. I mean, in 2005, I called my mom and asked her to mail me a pair of size 14 jeans, which I wasn't able to fit into until Allentown (mid way thru tour, for you non-drum corps folks). Now, heading into all-days, I'm wearing a size 8, and I'm STILL one of the bigger girls in the corps. (There's beer-drinking boys who are bigger than me, but most of the girls with weight on them are naturally little, just with some belly from the offseason.) I promised myself I'd never EVER drop out of running block, like I have in years past. Everyone has when they were just starting out. So far, I have never dropped out, or walked with Vanguard. I trust this staff, and know they won't push us farther than we're physically capable of. They'll push us to that limit, for SURE! But not a step past. I don't fear getting hurt, especially being in the shape I am.

The first week of all-day rehearsals consists of two block days: first 4hr block is all conditioning, and the next is marching basics. I expect to lose, oh, 10lbs that first week. No joke.

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading this, I know it has slowed down since my inital progress last year. With me, I think maintaining a healthy weight is always going to be a conscious effort with me, not necessarily a struggle, but something that I'll always have to focus on. Let's be honest, I love food. But I like feeling good about myself, better :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fruit Flush...for real

So, I start my Jay Robb fruit flush today...it's a three day thing, and the name of the diet is a bit deceptive. Today I'll be drinking nothing but whey protein in water, and a huge salad w/ 3-6oz of lean meat later for dinner. Then, tomorrow and the next day is all fruit.

I'm tired right now, so I'm not SUPER looking forward to this. Boyfriend left today for almost a week... WGI Finals, and then Renegades camp. So, it's the perfect time for me to do this, without the distraction of having to feed someone else dinner while I'm fasting.

We'll see how it goes. My sister lost 10lbs on it, and it really motivated her to keep losing...has lost something like 50-60lbs since the fall. True, she also smokes, and went through a break-up, but she looks amazing, regardless.

I just remembered that I'm an extra in a drum corps movie on Thursday, way out in Santa Clara, and that's my last day on the fast. I'll be stocking right up on a ton of fruit to get me through the day, so I don't pig out on the craft service.

Okay. Time to make my icky whey protein drink, the first of like 8 to get me through the day. Bleh.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is good, because between the last post and now, I got up to 180 again. I was laid off this past month, and I really lost all motivation. Not to mention losing my gym membership. With job hunting, and then finding a new job, I really didn't work out at all, and ate like crap again.

Not anymore, however. I've lost 5lbs in the past week and a half. I dropped three last week, maintained my weight during camp (I usually come back weighing MORE), and have dropped two since Monday.

My goal is to lose 15lbs before move-in on May 16th, which I believe is entirely possible. I'm doing cardio 4-5x a week, and Pilates 3x. Recent cardio has been with the puppy, taking her running on hills around my area, and today we're going up to the dog park.

So. This week has been successful. And now I have drum corps spring training coming up very very soon, and I can't show up unprepared, and dying after running a mile.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Oof, it's been a long time since I was in here. Sorry about that, life is really busy.

I had camp last weekend, and it was amazing! Everything we did, I was able to do, without dying/puking afterwards. I was actually EXCITED about the lunges across the floor, since I do those with 10lb weights.

I was really depressed for a while about my weight. From BD auditions in November, to about three weeks ago, I gained 10lbs. No bueno. But in the past three weeks, I've dropped back down to 173, and don't really see an end in sight. I have a healthy gym regimen; I'm there about 4-5x a week.

I'll do 20min of running, starting at 6mph, then bumping it up every 5min .2mph. Then I'll do weight lifting/strength training for 30min, either focusing on abs and arms/shoulders/back, or abs and butt/legs. Always abs, heh. The top part of my tummy is nice and flat, it's just right below my belly button I have what I call my "belly boobs." The basically looks like a small hill, divided by the line that a happy trail would follow.

It's pretty much my worst problem zone. I've come to terms with my arms, they'll get smaller as I lose the fat from around the guns I have down there. My butt/thighs used to be one, but I've come to terms with that area, and I happen to like that shape. Just have it be smaller, proportionately. Heh.

So I've been doing Pilates, and eating less fat, and crunches that target the lower ab area, on top of my cardio and everything else. I'm sure it'll be my last thing that I'll always complain about...I just wanna wear lower rise jeans, for god's sake! Wear a bathing suit without having to pull it up to my belly button! (Which, I never do, just feel like I should.)

In other news, yesterday I look all the dogs to the dog park for about an hour, and I already have my sports bra tan line back. WTF.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chelsea loves the Sierras :)

Ah, I had such a great day today. Boyfriend, his BFF, and I woke up at 4:30 (!!!) to drive up to Sugarbowl. We didn't get there until, oh 8:30ish, but thats because we left late, and then SOMEONE left her phone at home. Oops.

Anyway, BF's BFF has NEVER been snowboarding, so luckily the slopes were still empty when we arrived. We took him down a couple runs, until he got the swing of things, and then BF and I took a long run on our own.

I'm not too too good at boarding, but I'm decent. My big problem is carving with the front side (toe side) of the board.It just freaks my out. So, going on this tree-lined run before lunch, I figured "hey, it's slow enough, noone's around, lets figure this toe-turn out." Then I fell forward, overcompensated, and fell backwards, smacking the back of my skull on snow, about 2-3in of snow, covering a rock. Es no bueno.

Anyway, I hate being a whiny baby when we're boarding, so I used BF's BFF as an excuse, and said we should break for lunch. They had some awesome burgers grills backyard-bbq style out on the deck, and it was such a beautiful day, I couldn't refuse the atmosphere. After lunch, I felt better, and then really got my workout. Apparently my favorite run was turned into a race course today, which means it was closed to the public. Fine, whatever. But maybe you could tell me BEFORE I get halfway down the mountain? Haha, whatever, because I just made my own path in some thick powder. Killer on my thighs!

I like the fruit diet someone commented in the last blog sounds TASTY. I'm going to start it tomorrow. I can still make semi-normal meals for me and BF, and perhaps just smaller portions for me? Yes. (Sorry, I don't remember your name, and I always seem to lose my blogs when I navigate away. But this is me, calling you out, saying you're awesome.)

Also, I'm going to talk to my trainer girl (aka, the one who's paid to be a trainer @ my gym, but is super cool and helps me as well. for free.) tomorrow. I gotta figure out a workout program for myself, cuz what I'm doing isn't working, and I'm busting my ass. However, I DID figure out a great crunch for lower abs, which happen to be the bane of my existence. But then I was watching Biggest Loser, and they were doing them. I still say they stole them from me...

ANYWAY, back to boarding.

I LOVE getting out there on the hill, in the quiet. Especially at Sugarbowl. It's just so MASSIVE, that you feel like it's your own private trail you just happened to find, perfectly groomed. I've had a rough week, as BF and I are trying to handle pushing the pause button on our life for three months, and it just felt really good to just carve some snow, and look bad ass.

Vanguard camp in TWO weekends :D

Friday, February 8, 2008


Sooo I don't know what's happened.

The day before Christmas, I weighed 170lbs. The day AFTER Christmas, we went snowboarding. Plenty of activity to burn some major calories, right?

Today, I weighed 180lbs.

The last three weeks, I've worked out 5-6 days a week, with 30min of cardio at LEAST each time.

Also, my eating has not changed. If anything, I'm eating significantly less fast-food and other crap than I have in recent months.

So what gives? Thats a WHOLE lot of weight to gain, and while I'm getting pretty ripped, there's still flabbiness on me, so I can't say it's all muscle weight.

I don't understand, and I'm pretty depressed about it. I'm tempted to do a fruit-flush, and three days later start form zero, but it's hard to commit to that, and then make my boyfriend something else for dinner. Bah.

Today I've had:

Homemade breakfast sandwich: 1 whole wheat english muffin, one egg, one slice of canadian bacon, one slice of cheese
one can pears
30 stick pretzels
one can tuna

tonight, we'll probably go out to dinner, and I'll do what I usually do: lean protein (chix, or fish) and make sure they give me a vegetable, NOT bathed in butter.

I don't know. I'm completely perplexed. Perhaps I used to eat too little, and now my metabolism is all jacked, but ugh. It's frustrating.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting busy

So I haven't been to the gym since Friday, and I feel like a lazy butt. True, I went to Pilates on Saturday, but no cardio. I made the mistake of getting on the scale after dinner tonight, and that number SCARED me. However, my body definitely looks slimmer, and I have to chalk it up to muscle building.

I HAVE to do these 6am mornings. I don't have any other time! Luckily, my girl V at work is thinking about coming to the gym with me then. She just had a baby, and is ready to start losing. She's up at that time anyway, and getting up at 5am shouldn't be hard for me. I used to have to be to work at 4am when I was working at Starbucks!

I also need to get my trumpet upstairs. I've been looking at my music (especially Clowns) but I haven't played. I have three weeks before camp, but I shouldn't get lazy with it. I'm going to schedule my wisdom teeth to be pulled pretty much RIGHT after February camp. That should give me plenty of time before the next camp to recover.

Special thanks to Lynda for another tuition donation :) She's my best friend's mommy, and really didn't have to :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008


So I received my first sponsorship today, from Patricia in Washington. Very very VERY cool. Thanks!!

Also, my friend Rachael has offered to donate 20% of her PureRomance sales to me, if you mention my name. It's linked in this post, and I also have something in the side bar. It's really cool company that sells a bunch of romantic gifts. Valentines Day IS right around the corner!

Today I skipped my cardio workout, and instead ran around town. Wasn't too easy in the rain, but my car kept me dry, haha. I did do a one-on-one at my mom's Pilate's studio for about 90min, which would make my second impromptu personal training session this week. It felt good to loosen up all the muscles that my cardio tightens.

Mom also took me to Target and bought me a cute workout outfit, AND I got a Fuerza tank while I was at her studio. I think that after I get back from tour, I'm going to start training to be a certified Pilates instructor. It'll keep me in shape, and it can always be a source of income. Also, I'll probably take a year or so off from school after I finish my pre-chiro education (possibly a BA in Kinesiology) and I can teach while I save up money.

Pilates is so awesome, and it compliments Chiropractic. It's all about strengthening your core and spine, and it's all focused around posture! We're actually planning on opening my clinic once I graduate from LifeWest, and having mom's Pilates studio share the space. Keep everything in the family, huh?

I've got quite an exciting future ahead of me, I just need to remember to enjoy the things going on right now! So, in that ilk, I will now go watch some trash TV with my dog. :)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Falling into a routine.

Hey everyone,

The interval training is going really well. I guess when I first started it I wasn't doing it quite right, but now I've got it down pat. I'm not too good at it, but everyday it's getting easier.

The other day at the gym, nobody showed up for bootcamp, and Monique worked with me one-on-one. I also sent her information to my mom, who's looking for another reformer pilates instructor. Small world, huh? I also dropped off a sponsorship application to Angie at UltimateFitness...I didn't get to talk to her, and explain drum corps, so I hope I get a chance to sit down with her. Maybe she'd donate training sessions with Mo? Haha, that would work for me.

I've been going to the gym pretty much every day. I'm trying for 6am 5 days a week, but lets be honest: It's not happening. But, if it's lunch, or after work (like I'm about to go after I finish this entry) I still make sure to get there.

We got Send In The Clowns this week, true proof that I'm officially a member :) Boyfriend is at his OWN camp this weekend, so I'll have plenty of time this weekend to get the ol' horn to the chops.

Okay. I should get goin' to the gym, and then me and puppy have school tonight, and this weekend is full of busy errands.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I started something new at the gym today...some guys on DCP were talking about it, and I figured I'd give it a try. HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training. Basically, warm up, then run your ass off for short bursts, with short recovery periods in between.

So, I walked at 4.0mph and .5 incline for 15 mintues, while catching up on my gossip via OK! magazine. Before I knew it, I was at 14:51, and hit the speed button. Heh...my first interval I cranked it all the way to 9.2mph. Someone told me to run like you're being chased!!! But I did the whole 60sec, then went back to 4mph to recover for 60sec. For the rest of the intervals, I brought it down to 8mph, and did 4 more high/low.

After that, I had about 5min left of my 30min time on the treadmill, so I jogged at 5.5mph for the rest of it.

I'm really lucky Boyfriend put some amazing music on my iPod...recently old NewFoundGlory and new Britney have been getting me through my hour at the gym. I turn the music up so I can't hear my own breath, and just GO.

I stood in front of the mirror when I was lifting (and lifting for me is working with 5lb weights.), wearing my "future trophy wife" shirt, and Britney's "Piece of Me" blaring in my ears, and I realized:

I'm REALLY marching Santa Clara Vanguard.

I told my bosses today, and have a slew of people waiting for my sponsorship letter to arrive in their mailboxes.

Oh, ALSO? One of my mom's clients at her Pilates studio is the NEICE of the guy who founded Vanguard, or the corps who ultimtely became Vanguard. Or maybe she's the daughter. I can't quite remember, and everything's a huge blur right now. Either way, she's super nice, and knows about corps, and it's just so silly how small this world is.

I guess the point of this blog is that I'm really REALLY happy. The worst thing that has happened to me recently was that I dropped my left-over beef stroganauf on the ground tonight, and lost about half of it, AND broke my tupperware. :( I mean, I am really stressed about leaving the real world for 3 mo, but my fortune cookies said "the decisions you're making are the right ones", so I'm going to just believe that.

Again, if you're interested in sponsoring me, PLEASE email me at strongodares@yahoo.com or push that little donate button up in the top right corner.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Santa Clara Vanguard

Ohhhh my god.

I received my email, and I'm officially a member of the 2008 Santa Clara Vanguard!!!!!

No alternate spot, no "we'll see you next camp, and then maybe"... nope nope nope, I'll pick my horn out next camp, and it's all mine for the year.

Now my workout is going to get even more intense. I'm sitting at 175 right now, and I would like to be under 170 before the next camp. School starts tomorrow, so I'm not sure WHEN I'll have time to work out, but I have to find time.

My tour fees arer $2200 this year, so please please please, if you even have an extra $20, click that donate button over there in the right top corner.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy day today

This have been so crazy since last weekend.

I made it through the second camp, and now everyone's waiting for THIS weekend's camp in Texas to be over, so we can have our spots finalized.

To get me through the week, I've been working out a whole lot, and helping Boyfriend open up his store. He's probably pulling a 70hrs this week.

But today should be nice and relaxing. Allie and I already went and ran around outside in the chilly, sunny air, and now I'm heading over to the gym for an hour or so, before boyfriend gets home(!!!) hours earlier than I expected him to.

In other news: Allie and Mom's Border Collie, Jack, started tog training on Friday. They're both incredibly smart, and doing better than all their counterparts. Go collies!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh man.

I absolutely could not sleep last night. My mind wouldn't shut up! I was running music through my head, thinking about work, thinking about my work-out plan, thinking about how to afford my car-insurance, how I have to order checks, why my dog is so talkative, if I'm jinxing myself by putting my picture up, etc etc etc etc.

I went back to the gym today for the first time since Thursday. My legs are still sore, but I can sit/get up/get down the stairs without wincing. Tomorrow I'm going to spinning @ 8:30, then more of the usual on Weds. Then Thursday it's back to boot camp, and Friday it's camp!!!


You see why my head is going a million miles a minute?

Food wise, I'm back to Slim Fast and Lean Cuisine. We gorged on Trev's homemade chili and cornbread last night, after a pancake breakfast that morning. It's fine, because it's working. Last week I lost 3 lbs! Pretty sweet. True, it's still Christmas weight, but you know. Whatever. I'm getting into a routine, and I'm liking it a whole lot.

39 to go!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Sweet. I ate like crap yesterday, and yet I;m still losing.

Works for me!

Friday, January 4, 2008



I'm super sore today from yesterday's bootcamp. Shoulders thru my mid back, and then definitely my thighs from all the squats. But it's good stuff :)

Not much activity today, just SlimFast for breakfast, work, then off at noon. Picked up some LeanCuisines at Safeway, then headed home. A TON of rain today. It looks like a tropical storm over California right now. Pretty insane.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

boot camp

Today was one of my "late" days to work; Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have to be there until 10am. So I woke up an hour later than normal, and went to the boot camp class at UltimateFitness.

I got in a couple minute late, and they were in the middle of getting the heartrate up with jumping jacks and jump rope exercises. When I got all my stuff together, we went started quick squats...as many as we could do in 20sec intervals. 8 of them. and we had to hold the squat in the 10sec rest.

Then more squats and triceps work with the weights, 3 reps of different arm/squat exercises with sprints in between. Interchanging reps of mountain climbers and tri-dips, ab work with the medicine ball (which was REALLY fun!) and finished everything off with crunches and pushups across the room from one another, with crab running between each station.

It was a TON of fun. I mean, drum corps PT is pretty much boot-camp based, with some balance and Pilates thrown in.

The best part of the workout?

When I was sprinting, the trainer was right next to me, and said I looked like an athlete. :D She wasn't a itty-bitty skinny-mini, she was a buff woman, so her telling me I looked, and worked out, like an athlete, meant a whole lot to me.

Still fat, but on my way there!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Okay, better.

I ate well yesterday, until dinner at Chevy's, dessert at ColdStone, and two glasses of champagne at home. Although, dinner at Chevy's wasn't too bad, the fajitas are pretty decent, calorie wise, if I stay away from the beans and rice.

Once work starts this week, it'll be easier to get in gym and trumpet time. Camp is in TWO weekends, and I still need to get a recording somehow. I really want to do this, and I know if I don't give it my all, I'll regret it for life.

I'm using The Daily Plate to track my exercise, calories, and weight. It's like all those websites I used to use, into one. They have a blog feature, but I'll still write here, I think.