Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Santa Clara Vanguard

Ohhhh my god.

I received my email, and I'm officially a member of the 2008 Santa Clara Vanguard!!!!!

No alternate spot, no "we'll see you next camp, and then maybe"... nope nope nope, I'll pick my horn out next camp, and it's all mine for the year.

Now my workout is going to get even more intense. I'm sitting at 175 right now, and I would like to be under 170 before the next camp. School starts tomorrow, so I'm not sure WHEN I'll have time to work out, but I have to find time.

My tour fees arer $2200 this year, so please please please, if you even have an extra $20, click that donate button over there in the right top corner.


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