Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy day today

This have been so crazy since last weekend.

I made it through the second camp, and now everyone's waiting for THIS weekend's camp in Texas to be over, so we can have our spots finalized.

To get me through the week, I've been working out a whole lot, and helping Boyfriend open up his store. He's probably pulling a 70hrs this week.

But today should be nice and relaxing. Allie and I already went and ran around outside in the chilly, sunny air, and now I'm heading over to the gym for an hour or so, before boyfriend gets home(!!!) hours earlier than I expected him to.

In other news: Allie and Mom's Border Collie, Jack, started tog training on Friday. They're both incredibly smart, and doing better than all their counterparts. Go collies!

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b13 said...

Any pictures of the Collies? Can you share a link? :D