Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yay! Since Monday I've lost two pounds. Boyfriend beat me with four, however. Of course, cuz he's a boy.

Last night for dinner we had artichokes and Monterrey chicken. Yes, with two r's. Grilled chicken breast, couple slices of avocado, with a slice of melted provolone over it. Mmmmmmmmm.

Well my computer is dying and I have to clean the house. So I'll go, but I'm making progress again. Yay.

Monday, April 9, 2007

back to the gym

So I finally got off my butt and went to the gym this morning. Not the little neighborhood gym, Planet Fitness, actually. I needed to see other people working out, instead of my doggy barking at me to feed her breakfast. She's not very motivating, lol.

I had a Slim Fast before I left, and I think I'm gonna have a couple bites of ham for protein to take advantage of my metabolism.

Also, I think I need to change things up at the gym. Recently (when I have gone) I've done the bike for 25min to warm up my legs, then gone to the elliptical or running. Thing is, the bike doesn't really get my heart rate too high. 140-145 at most. But on the elliptical, I'm goin 7mph in the first few minutes. Sooooooo I think I'm gonna to that first, THEN the bike, so my heart rate is still up, so I can burn away my booty faster.

Well now I have to walk the dog and shower before work. It's an icky 8:30-4 day today...tomorrow I can slack a little more since I don't go in until 10.

Reno, you back with me?