Friday, March 6, 2009

making progress

I've been eating so much better this week, it's disgusting. I do love my Eating Right/Lean Cuisine/Smart Ones meals. I know they're technically "processed food", but if I feel satisfied w/ half the calories of a regular meal, crap, I'm going to do it. I'll get organic another day.

So, I've dropped two pounds, down to 188 which is killer. I went o the gym 3 times last week, but I haven't been since Tuesday. Work has been ridiculous. But you know what? I've been doing house work, sweeping, dishes, couch reupholstering, and man, being a house wife makes me break a sweat!

I need to be careful tho, my boss even said to me yesterday "you gotta stop burning the candle at both ends, girl" and it's so true. But, I love my life!

The only thing is, since I've gained this weight, my sex drive has dropped off, and boyfriend is feeling it. Anyone who knows me KNOWS this is not normal for me. In high school, I was the fat girl, BUT I was also the only one of my friends getting action, because I was so confident, regardless. I need to get back to that.