Saturday, March 24, 2007


Sweet. Thats a completely accurate reading too. Didn't believe it, then got on the scale twice more to confirm it.

I've had ice cream 4 nights in a row. Me and boyfriend pretty much love it. But, other than my little ice creams, I've actually been eating really really well. SlimFast, salad, and then something good for me for dinner. And ice cream, haha.

Still no regular gym. I feel guilty leaving the puppy at home for any longer than I need to.

Friday, March 23, 2007


I think my scale was lying when it said 181 last time. Cuz it's been kinda wacky. Takes a couple times to get the same number. This morning it said (all within the same 2min period) I weighed 183, 180.4, and 182. It stuck at 182 the next couple times I tried it, soooo I went with that. Although the 180.4 would have been nice.

Oh well, 182 works for me. It's still 1.6lbs below what the last saved weight was.

Today my cardio has been cleaning the house. Hardcore spring cleaning. With getting ready to move, I need to get the house show ready, so people can come and go "oh, I want to live here! let me rent/buy it!"

Blah. Tired now. I totally had a specific reason to come on here and chat, and the above wasn't it. Ummmmmmmmmmm hmm.

I ate really well yesterday? SlimFast, huge salad for lunch, ice cream (it was small.) and a hot dog at the hockey game. Well within my caloric budget.

OH! I remember! "hockey game" spurred my memory.

PRETTY sure I need size 12s now. Those 14s I bought at Old Navy a couple weeks ago were straight up falling off my ass last night at the game. To walk ANYWHERE, I pretty much had to hold the back up to prevent mooning all the South Florida hockey fans.

Unfortunately, I don't have a bunch of money to go buy another jean skirt, or two more pairs of I'm gonna just buy one pair at each size I hit, since I don't wear them for too too long.

Woo! 12!

Today so far I've had a SlimFast and a handful of sugar free Gummy Bears from Jelly Belly. Good god they're amazing. But my tummy just growled loud enough for the puppy to look up. Maybe I'll go into work a little earlier to grab a salad before I go on the floor. Boyfriend and I are going on another date night tonight, dinner and a movie. We'll probably end up going to our favorite Italian place, where I know I'll eat way too much, so I'll save up the calories. Maybe go without the chicken on my salad for lunch. Yesh, that sounds fine.

haha, for not knowing what I was talking about when I came into this post, I certainly wrote a whole lot.

PS. Hi Awshtin!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I worked out!

Yay! After a week of nothing, I worked out again. I walked the pup, ran half the lap of the lake with her, then went and biked and did the elliptical for like 45min.

I had a SlimFast for breakfast, a veggie salad with balsamic vinager (sp?) aaaaaaaaaand then I had a cheeseburger (the smallest one) at Fuddruckers and then a Coldstone creating (the smallest one)

I HAVE to get below 180 before the end of this month, or I think I WILL SlimFast myself into oblivion like dear Reno wants. (yeah, I read your post before I wrote mine. making sure I'm not the only one sucking.)

I gotta be at work at 830 tomorrow morning, soooo most likely NOT going in the morning. I'm gonna try to get off at 230 instead of 3 so I can go to the real gym before we go to the hockey game. Which might not happen, since Papa has to work all the time now, since one of his kids left them in a lurch. (papa = boyfriend, BTW)

OOh. Real World is getting dramatic. Totally not paying attention to writing this blog anymore.

Bottom line, I have 10days to get below 180, or else I go into crazy psyco weightloss mode. No particular reason, I just need the motivation.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chicken Soup for Fat Asses

Time to break out my Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul. Everytime I'm discouraged or lazy, or just generally hard to motivate, I whip that puppy out to give me inspiration.

Speaking of puppy, she's the reason I haven't been to the gym. I don't want to leave her alone more than I have to, and since Sunday, Monday, Tues I work 9-4, I dont want to take the extra 2 hrs to drive up to the gym, work out, drive home, while she's stuck in the upstairs bathroom.

I think boyfriend has to stay later at work tonight, he didn't go in until like 8 today, instead of 6. So I'll come home, dust of my Bible of Slimness, take the puppy for a walk, and then have her hang out in the neighborhood gym with me while I sweat and work on feeling better.

Passing 180 is going to mean so much, because then I'll finally be under any weight I can remember in the past 5 years. While I have lost a whole lot in this venture so far, it's still like "oh yeah, I was that weight last year when I was depressed and semi-anorexic." Now I'm busting my ass, and calories are constantly on my mind trying to get below that.

My mom is opening a hard core pilates studio back home in Napa, and I'm really excited about it. It's pretty much a garanteed job for when I get back into town, and a fun new workout. True, my mom will be leading it, but I think we're past that.

Okay, time to walk puppy.

PS. Reno, stay motivated with me! We tend to slack together, and we're both hovering right above those big numbers. Lets kick some ass this week, okay? luv ya doll.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

run dog, run!

Fun. We just took Al for her after-dinner walk, and the last quarter of our loop Papa and I started running with her. So much fun. Sure, I was in flip flops and loose jammies, but it felt really good to run with my Boyfriend and my doogie. Something I'd like to do more, little by little of course. Don't want to do anything to hurt pup.


Um, yeah. There's no explaining this, I'm not exactly sure whats going on. This was after having breakfast, before going potty, at my absolute fullest. AND I haven't been to the gym since Weds. But hey, I'll take it!