Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I worked out!

Yay! After a week of nothing, I worked out again. I walked the pup, ran half the lap of the lake with her, then went and biked and did the elliptical for like 45min.

I had a SlimFast for breakfast, a veggie salad with balsamic vinager (sp?) aaaaaaaaaand then I had a cheeseburger (the smallest one) at Fuddruckers and then a Coldstone creating (the smallest one)

I HAVE to get below 180 before the end of this month, or I think I WILL SlimFast myself into oblivion like dear Reno wants. (yeah, I read your post before I wrote mine. making sure I'm not the only one sucking.)

I gotta be at work at 830 tomorrow morning, soooo most likely NOT going in the morning. I'm gonna try to get off at 230 instead of 3 so I can go to the real gym before we go to the hockey game. Which might not happen, since Papa has to work all the time now, since one of his kids left them in a lurch. (papa = boyfriend, BTW)

OOh. Real World is getting dramatic. Totally not paying attention to writing this blog anymore.

Bottom line, I have 10days to get below 180, or else I go into crazy psyco weightloss mode. No particular reason, I just need the motivation.


Miss Reno Nevada said...


Sorry, but that was funny. Yeah, I'm going on a SlimFast diet until the end of the month. Nothin' but SlimFast.

You're so silly. :P

Miss Reno Nevada said...

Haha, yeah I know... I had a SlimFast for breakfast and then leftovers for lunch... And now my face is numb from getting FOUR (yeah, FOUR) cavities filled. So I won't be eating anything until this lovely sensation goes away. I wanna rip half my face off. Just half. I promise.