Friday, March 23, 2007


I think my scale was lying when it said 181 last time. Cuz it's been kinda wacky. Takes a couple times to get the same number. This morning it said (all within the same 2min period) I weighed 183, 180.4, and 182. It stuck at 182 the next couple times I tried it, soooo I went with that. Although the 180.4 would have been nice.

Oh well, 182 works for me. It's still 1.6lbs below what the last saved weight was.

Today my cardio has been cleaning the house. Hardcore spring cleaning. With getting ready to move, I need to get the house show ready, so people can come and go "oh, I want to live here! let me rent/buy it!"

Blah. Tired now. I totally had a specific reason to come on here and chat, and the above wasn't it. Ummmmmmmmmmm hmm.

I ate really well yesterday? SlimFast, huge salad for lunch, ice cream (it was small.) and a hot dog at the hockey game. Well within my caloric budget.

OH! I remember! "hockey game" spurred my memory.

PRETTY sure I need size 12s now. Those 14s I bought at Old Navy a couple weeks ago were straight up falling off my ass last night at the game. To walk ANYWHERE, I pretty much had to hold the back up to prevent mooning all the South Florida hockey fans.

Unfortunately, I don't have a bunch of money to go buy another jean skirt, or two more pairs of I'm gonna just buy one pair at each size I hit, since I don't wear them for too too long.

Woo! 12!

Today so far I've had a SlimFast and a handful of sugar free Gummy Bears from Jelly Belly. Good god they're amazing. But my tummy just growled loud enough for the puppy to look up. Maybe I'll go into work a little earlier to grab a salad before I go on the floor. Boyfriend and I are going on another date night tonight, dinner and a movie. We'll probably end up going to our favorite Italian place, where I know I'll eat way too much, so I'll save up the calories. Maybe go without the chicken on my salad for lunch. Yesh, that sounds fine.

haha, for not knowing what I was talking about when I came into this post, I certainly wrote a whole lot.

PS. Hi Awshtin!


Miss Reno Nevada said...

Thank god you're alive. You make me smile!! :P

Austin said...