Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chicken Soup for Fat Asses

Time to break out my Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul. Everytime I'm discouraged or lazy, or just generally hard to motivate, I whip that puppy out to give me inspiration.

Speaking of puppy, she's the reason I haven't been to the gym. I don't want to leave her alone more than I have to, and since Sunday, Monday, Tues I work 9-4, I dont want to take the extra 2 hrs to drive up to the gym, work out, drive home, while she's stuck in the upstairs bathroom.

I think boyfriend has to stay later at work tonight, he didn't go in until like 8 today, instead of 6. So I'll come home, dust of my Bible of Slimness, take the puppy for a walk, and then have her hang out in the neighborhood gym with me while I sweat and work on feeling better.

Passing 180 is going to mean so much, because then I'll finally be under any weight I can remember in the past 5 years. While I have lost a whole lot in this venture so far, it's still like "oh yeah, I was that weight last year when I was depressed and semi-anorexic." Now I'm busting my ass, and calories are constantly on my mind trying to get below that.

My mom is opening a hard core pilates studio back home in Napa, and I'm really excited about it. It's pretty much a garanteed job for when I get back into town, and a fun new workout. True, my mom will be leading it, but I think we're past that.

Okay, time to walk puppy.

PS. Reno, stay motivated with me! We tend to slack together, and we're both hovering right above those big numbers. Lets kick some ass this week, okay? luv ya doll.

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Miss Reno Nevada said...

I'm trying!!! It didn't help much that BOTH of my dance classes were cancelled yesterday. I was pretty pissed about that. But I rode my horse. Ugh, I just feel so horrible. Back to the grind, eh? I gotta get me that Chicken Soup. It sounds delicious. :P