Friday, January 26, 2007

In response...

There's been some questioning of my actual weight, and where it might be coming from. Here's some background:

I've always been heavy, but I've always been well-proportioned. Even when I was my heaviest at 220, nothing was bigger than anything else. I definitely have a ghetto booty, haha, but it's not enormous. I've never had a gut either, like most fat girls get.

I've just always been active. Whether it was soccer, band, or drum corps, I might have been bigger, but I was always able to keep up with everyone. There's a whole lot of muscle on me.

So that explains it. Sorta, I guess. I'm not hiding some huge lower body with creative MySpace angles. I'm sitting here telling the world I'm 192lbs, for jeez.

Here's a picture of me this summer:

and finally, this Christmas, snowboarding in Tahoe, with extra layers of clothes on:

I'm definitely 192, but I definitely don't look it, which is why I'm not afraid to throw that number out there. I'm just the poster child for "thick" girls. Not fat, not jiggly, just thick. So if I look like this when the scale says I'm heavy, just imagine what it will be like when the scale says I'm normal. I'm definitely not giving up. I have an excellent support system, and incredible results so far. I'm actually enjoying myself.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

192 point ZERO

Holy crap.

I don't feel like I've been eating the best the last few days, and I've been sporadic at the gym. Last night I made pot roast, and had a few cookies that day at work. Today I've had Special K, oranges and cottage cheese and a cup of chicken noodle soup at work.

Come home, feeling icky and fat and definitely not motivated to go to they gym at all.....get on the scale thinking, "if it's high, its the motivation I need to go the gym."

196.somethin with work clothes on.

192.nothin nakie.

Hollllly crap. I think I can definitely make it to 190 by the end of the week.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

HOW many calories?

Okay, so normally on the eliptical at PF, I burn 350-380cal in 30 min...480-520cal in 40minutes (all on level 16/25)

I just did 30 minutes on the eliptical in the gym in the poolhouse at my complex, and it's a totally different machine. I did level 9 (out of 16)....and it said I burned 800 something calories.

Uhhhhh okay?

I mean, if so, sweet. But it kinda seems ridiculous to me.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Down a pound and a half!!! (That's -4.4lbs this week.) Came off a little slower than I hoped, because of that nut binge I mentioned in the last post, and I skipped a day at the gym yesterday because I worked an extra shift. I was just exhausted, and thought I shouldn't push it.

Trevor bought us a exercise ball, and it came with a little booklet of stuff to do. It's fun! So I'll fit some of that into my routine, probably at night just for some stretching and such.

My goal doesn't seem nearly as impossible anymore, as I'm getting closer to the 190 mark. I'll be stoked to be back in the 180's like I was all summer. But once I'm below that? Ooh boy. This girl's gonna be bangin'.