Friday, January 26, 2007

In response...

There's been some questioning of my actual weight, and where it might be coming from. Here's some background:

I've always been heavy, but I've always been well-proportioned. Even when I was my heaviest at 220, nothing was bigger than anything else. I definitely have a ghetto booty, haha, but it's not enormous. I've never had a gut either, like most fat girls get.

I've just always been active. Whether it was soccer, band, or drum corps, I might have been bigger, but I was always able to keep up with everyone. There's a whole lot of muscle on me.

So that explains it. Sorta, I guess. I'm not hiding some huge lower body with creative MySpace angles. I'm sitting here telling the world I'm 192lbs, for jeez.

Here's a picture of me this summer:

and finally, this Christmas, snowboarding in Tahoe, with extra layers of clothes on:

I'm definitely 192, but I definitely don't look it, which is why I'm not afraid to throw that number out there. I'm just the poster child for "thick" girls. Not fat, not jiggly, just thick. So if I look like this when the scale says I'm heavy, just imagine what it will be like when the scale says I'm normal. I'm definitely not giving up. I have an excellent support system, and incredible results so far. I'm actually enjoying myself.


b13 said...

Don't let anyone get you down. You look great. Keep it up! :)

Anonymous said...

I am the the one said no fuking way you weigh that much.
I can kinda see it now in the new pic,but still seems like alot.
I did not mean anything as an insult,just you have such pretty features,That it was hard to believe you weighed so much.
I wish you best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Just give it up, fatty.

b13 said...

There is nothing like an anonymous person putting down someone. Big man. Schmuck.

Chelsea Strong said...

Hey, anonymous #1, I didn't think you were insulting me at all :) just wanted to give some more perspective.

And anonymous #2? Way lame. I'm not even offended, I laughed right out at you. How does my weight-loss offend you so much that you've got to waste time trying to hate?

See, I don't care. You could kiss my ever shrinking ass. However, negative comments will be deleted, as I want to have this blog encourage others to kick start their own weight loss, and your attitude is not needed, kay?


I'll post a new blog here soon, I just spent the weekend in DisneyWorld. Thanks to everyone who continues to be supportive