Friday, August 10, 2007


Finally, FINALLY! Some movement! I've been drinking a whole lot of water the last three days, trying to combat my new office-chair position. I might not move as much as I did in restaurants, but if I drink multiple liters of water a day, I HAVE to get up sometime to go potty, right? Haha.

Soooooo lets see. It's now the middle of August, and I'm pretty far away from my goal. HOWEVER, I've done pretty stinkin' decent at taking a bunch of weight off, keeping it off, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, all WITHOUT killing myself.

My focus is changing a bit now. I'm not exclusively trying to look better it's time for me to officially get in shape. Drum corps auditions are right around the corner. Div I size is going up from 135 to 150, and with a big turnover rate in BD's hornline this season, it's now or never for me. I don't want to rook-out with Devs (while there's nothing wrong with it). I'm a Blue Devil, I've done 2 years in the organization already, and I should at least finish it up with the same amount of time with the big boys.

So, this blog is going to focus a little more on me prepping for that, rather than calorie count. However, the more I play and breathe with rythmic accuracy (shout out to my bass drum boys), the more I work on strengthening my core to march better, the more I run so I'm not in the back in the running block, I'm still going to get in shape.

Also, I know there are a few people who read this who have known me (if electronically) for quite a few years now. I want you to read this, support me, wish me luck....and honestly, if I make it, I'm going to need sponsorships, pretty badly. I've been living on my own for two years now, and I'll need to pay my rent for the three months I'm on tour.

I'm not asking anyone YET, just trying to put this blog out there so if anyone ever says "hey, who deserves to be sponsored?" ( and through hard work and dedication I make Devs) you think of your girl Chelsea over here. :)

Okay so.

Today I ran at 5.5mph for 10min. Everyday I'm going to try to boost it up another minute. Today I felt great, until I stopped running. Then I almost died. So I jumped on the elliptical for 15min to keep my blood pumping. Then I grabbed the 10lb hand weights and worked my triceps (not gonna lie, my arms are a little flabby.) I then held one weight up like a horn and did some slides. Kinda dorky, but whatever.

As mentioned, I'm seriously drinking a ton of water at work. Keeps me from snacking on the treats in the back room.

Stay tuned, por favor. This girl is goin for the GOLD!