Thursday, February 1, 2007


Why is it that when I feel yuckiest, I weigh my lowest? Ohswell!

Gym later this afternoon after work. Plenty of time to get done what I need without worrying about getting somewhere on time.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

back on track.

I've been stalling since Friday...we went to Disney and I ate okay, but obviously didn't get to the gym. I worked out in our gym on Monday, did nothing yesterday (but work), and finally today I got back up to Planet Fitness.

I've refocused my exercise plan. Still doing 50min of cardio or more a day (at the gym, that is. Doesn't include all the running around at work, or any sex.) But I found this awesome Top Ten list to get an awesome booty. I love mine, it just could be downsized. As I told someone the other day, more J.Lo, less Jabba.

10 Best Booty Exercises

Also, I need to work on my arms. It was sad to take a bunch of cute pictures in Disney with the Boyfriend, only to see them later, and realize in one picture, my arm looks the size of his face. Not so hot. Again, my problem is how much muscle I have in there. I want to tone, not bulk. I haven't done any weight lifting in my arm area, because I really don't want them to get bigger. I'm doing all my cardio, and getting my heartrate up to burn fat all over, but it doesn't seem to be coming from there just yet. I found this website which shows a few tricep exercises, complete with pictures. I'll have to try to work some light weights in.

I'm sore today, and it feels amazing. I almost want to go to the gym for a second time today, but we'll see. I haven't hit that 190 mark yet, because of my laziness the past few days. But now I'm back again :)

Also, it's nice to see other's blogging about weight-loss. A little internet support group :)

Monday, January 29, 2007

RIP Sean Holton 1966-2007

A very good friend died today. While I wasn't his closest friend, he was always there to make me, and everyone else who knew him, smile.

A few weeks ago, he had gastric bypass surgery, in hopes of leading a healthier life.

Today he died, and when I first heard, I didn't know what to say. I was sad, but not crying. But after thinking about it more, I'm devastated. He was a man who never hurt anyone, supported the music community, was loved by anyone who ever crossed his path, and was trying to better himself.

The anonymous poster who suggested, "give it up fatty" will be sorely disappointed, as now I even have even more motivation to get myself healthy. Unfortunately, there's a point where the body gives up, and I'm never going to let it get to that point.

RIP Sean.
You'll always be loved and remembered.