Thursday, January 3, 2008

boot camp

Today was one of my "late" days to work; Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have to be there until 10am. So I woke up an hour later than normal, and went to the boot camp class at UltimateFitness.

I got in a couple minute late, and they were in the middle of getting the heartrate up with jumping jacks and jump rope exercises. When I got all my stuff together, we went started quick many as we could do in 20sec intervals. 8 of them. and we had to hold the squat in the 10sec rest.

Then more squats and triceps work with the weights, 3 reps of different arm/squat exercises with sprints in between. Interchanging reps of mountain climbers and tri-dips, ab work with the medicine ball (which was REALLY fun!) and finished everything off with crunches and pushups across the room from one another, with crab running between each station.

It was a TON of fun. I mean, drum corps PT is pretty much boot-camp based, with some balance and Pilates thrown in.

The best part of the workout?

When I was sprinting, the trainer was right next to me, and said I looked like an athlete. :D She wasn't a itty-bitty skinny-mini, she was a buff woman, so her telling me I looked, and worked out, like an athlete, meant a whole lot to me.

Still fat, but on my way there!

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