Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fruit Flush...for real

So, I start my Jay Robb fruit flush today...it's a three day thing, and the name of the diet is a bit deceptive. Today I'll be drinking nothing but whey protein in water, and a huge salad w/ 3-6oz of lean meat later for dinner. Then, tomorrow and the next day is all fruit.

I'm tired right now, so I'm not SUPER looking forward to this. Boyfriend left today for almost a week... WGI Finals, and then Renegades camp. So, it's the perfect time for me to do this, without the distraction of having to feed someone else dinner while I'm fasting.

We'll see how it goes. My sister lost 10lbs on it, and it really motivated her to keep losing...has lost something like 50-60lbs since the fall. True, she also smokes, and went through a break-up, but she looks amazing, regardless.

I just remembered that I'm an extra in a drum corps movie on Thursday, way out in Santa Clara, and that's my last day on the fast. I'll be stocking right up on a ton of fruit to get me through the day, so I don't pig out on the craft service.

Okay. Time to make my icky whey protein drink, the first of like 8 to get me through the day. Bleh.

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