Friday, April 18, 2008

100th post!!

100th post, not 100lbs. But it's alright, I didn't have 100lbs to lose anyway :)

So, my fruit flush diet went REALLY well. I'm typically not into fad diets, or quick fix diets, but this one really worked for me. It was three days of dieting, broken up into two distinct eating styles. The first day was a total of 32oz of water and 1.5C of unsweetened protein mix, broken up into 5 "meals" in the first day, one 6oz glass of the mix every two hours. Then, at dinner on the first day, I was allowed a HUGE salad w/ a little bit of meat, and a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. This was to prepare my body for the next two days, which consisted of again, 5 meals every 2 hours, 100 cal worth of fruit. Then, at dinner, another big salad, same dressing, no meat, and a protein drink.

I did really well, had one half of a cookie on the second day, but all in all lost 9lbs! The last two weeks I gained 10lbs, from eating like shit, not working out, and the crappy food staying in my stomach.

So now, I know the weight loss got me down to my "coasting" weight, I guess. When I'm simply maintaining, and not losing. But now I feel really clean, and I want to keep feeling liek that, also, 9lbs lighter and more energy gives me the push to get out and work out, since I don't feel like a fat bloated pig anymore.

From now until tour, which is a MONTH away, I'm just going on a really low fat, high cardio weight loss plan. I'm still set on my goal of 150, but 15lbs is a lot to lose. I mean, regardless, I'm going to lose a TON of weight on tour, and eat 4 full carbalicious meals a day on tour. I HAVE to, to survive. We're likely eating 3000cal a day on tour, to make up for the 14hr rehearsals, running around in the sun all day.

Here's the thing. My body is more prepared than it ever has been going into a drum corps tour. I mean, in 2005, I called my mom and asked her to mail me a pair of size 14 jeans, which I wasn't able to fit into until Allentown (mid way thru tour, for you non-drum corps folks). Now, heading into all-days, I'm wearing a size 8, and I'm STILL one of the bigger girls in the corps. (There's beer-drinking boys who are bigger than me, but most of the girls with weight on them are naturally little, just with some belly from the offseason.) I promised myself I'd never EVER drop out of running block, like I have in years past. Everyone has when they were just starting out. So far, I have never dropped out, or walked with Vanguard. I trust this staff, and know they won't push us farther than we're physically capable of. They'll push us to that limit, for SURE! But not a step past. I don't fear getting hurt, especially being in the shape I am.

The first week of all-day rehearsals consists of two block days: first 4hr block is all conditioning, and the next is marching basics. I expect to lose, oh, 10lbs that first week. No joke.

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading this, I know it has slowed down since my inital progress last year. With me, I think maintaining a healthy weight is always going to be a conscious effort with me, not necessarily a struggle, but something that I'll always have to focus on. Let's be honest, I love food. But I like feeling good about myself, better :)


b13 said...

Happy bloggiversary! And congrats on all the loss. I can't wait to hear about the further adventures of the Corps!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are doing incredibly well. And I have no doubt in my mind that you will lose those 15lbs in like...well, two weeks into all days, lol! I swear, everyone that I've seen tour with the Vanguard are two sizes smaller and tanned. Seriously, when I was in Vanguard Cadets I lost 15lbs total-without even trying. So no worries. I'm very proud of you. Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll see you at the SoCal show with a care package. :)


Heather said...

Hey Chelsea, how are you doing? It sounds like you are going to rock this summer!! Do you mind if I add your blog to my friend's list? Have a good one!