Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh yeah, it's that time again

Oh HELLO SkinnyChels. How are you? It's been so long.

Well, folks, it's that time again. Auditions. The summer with SCV was amazing, and I got down to 164lbs, two days after tour. But then silly me started taking birth control again after a 3mo hiatus, and wasn't working out 12hrs a day, so I put on 15lbs.

I've been to the gym a couple times a week for the past month, and managed to lose about 5lbs of that 15. I'm working on faster running, versus running just for a long time. I can job at 5mph for 30min, easy. So, I'm starting at 7mph for a mile, then some elliptical for 20-30min to keep up my heartrate. Work on my cardio endurance without actually running a million miles to kill my leg.

Oh right, my leg. During movein, I tore my left-hip flexor, which let me tell you, hurts like no other. You can't walk, you can't sleep, let alone march all day long. But, my good friends, ibuprofen and ice, helped me get through it. Now it;s just an inconvenient ache. The only plus side is that I don't pay as much attention to my aching knees.

I'm writing today because audition camp is soon upon us. (a month exactly this week) And, even tho I got WAY little for me, I was still the biggest girl in the hornline. (I wasn't for a while in move-ins, but then the other Lauren went home. Oh darn.) And, I'm kinda over that. Another girl in the sop line kinda amazed me...we entered at about the same size, but she was running 5mi a day in the spring season, and never dropped out of running block once. She annoyed me sometimes in her perfection, but ultimately I love her, and was envious of her dedication.

So, that's going to be me this season. It's my age-out year, my 6th year of drum corps...I'd love to get a routine going that I can maintain AFTER the season. I eat pretty decent, but there's definitely room for improvement.

I'm not exactly worried about being cut, but I do want to make a personal statement when I see everybody again after 3mo. So, starting tomorrow morning, I'm at the gym at 5:30. There's a class, Mon-Fri, at that time. Different everyday, but all interest me. Then, I have about an hour to do running or whatever else I feel I need to do to accomplish my drum-corps style conditioning.

Sooooo lets go!


Anonymous said...

Chelsea - Have you ever tried one of those crazy spin classes they usually offer at most gyms? Biking is a lot less stressful when you have any kind of injury, and it gives a pretty intense workout that you can do MUCH longer than you would be able to do running or on the ellyptical. Plus, the teacher usually puts on some crazy fast music to get you going. Spin class can get to be addictive! Try it out. I have a stress fractured foot at the moment, and biking and swimming are the only things keeping me in top shape while I can't run!

Anonymous said...

try keeping it in triads to throw your metabolism off and you dont peak

run/jog for a week, spin for a week, swim for a week

and rinse repeat