Monday, November 3, 2008


Ugh. I think I got the motivation I need to change my diet. This weekend we made pot-roast, a pretty common winter dinner for us, and the next morning I woke up puking. I don't know if it's from the pot roast, or all the sodium I had that day, or whatever...but I know the next morning when I looked at the leftovers I had saved for myself in the fridge, they just looked grey and disgusting.

So, I had toast and eggs for breakfast, chicken noodle soup for lunch, and then Trev made Montery Chicken for Dinner. We had two breasts for each of us, but I was a good little girl and separated half my dinner onto a plate for me to have tomorrow night when Trev is at hockey.

I'm still feeling icky today, and no, I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant, thank you.

I felt good enough to walk through Target this morning after Espanol, and jeez. I need clothes. I effing LOVE winter clothes. The jackets, the lace, the layering...and I'm at a normal enough size so that I'd actually look GOOD in these things! Ugh. Being broke blows. The good news is my credit is decent enough that I got a credit card! Low limit, and high interest rate, but it's enough to pay off a couple of closed accts. I'm pretty happy that my financial situation is clearing up. Maybe I can buy some clothes soon :) (With cash, not credit. I'm not an idiot.)

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