Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Getting busy

So I haven't been to the gym since Friday, and I feel like a lazy butt. True, I went to Pilates on Saturday, but no cardio. I made the mistake of getting on the scale after dinner tonight, and that number SCARED me. However, my body definitely looks slimmer, and I have to chalk it up to muscle building.

I HAVE to do these 6am mornings. I don't have any other time! Luckily, my girl V at work is thinking about coming to the gym with me then. She just had a baby, and is ready to start losing. She's up at that time anyway, and getting up at 5am shouldn't be hard for me. I used to have to be to work at 4am when I was working at Starbucks!

I also need to get my trumpet upstairs. I've been looking at my music (especially Clowns) but I haven't played. I have three weeks before camp, but I shouldn't get lazy with it. I'm going to schedule my wisdom teeth to be pulled pretty much RIGHT after February camp. That should give me plenty of time before the next camp to recover.

Special thanks to Lynda for another tuition donation :) She's my best friend's mommy, and really didn't have to :)

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