Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chelsea loves the Sierras :)

Ah, I had such a great day today. Boyfriend, his BFF, and I woke up at 4:30 (!!!) to drive up to Sugarbowl. We didn't get there until, oh 8:30ish, but thats because we left late, and then SOMEONE left her phone at home. Oops.

Anyway, BF's BFF has NEVER been snowboarding, so luckily the slopes were still empty when we arrived. We took him down a couple runs, until he got the swing of things, and then BF and I took a long run on our own.

I'm not too too good at boarding, but I'm decent. My big problem is carving with the front side (toe side) of the board.It just freaks my out. So, going on this tree-lined run before lunch, I figured "hey, it's slow enough, noone's around, lets figure this toe-turn out." Then I fell forward, overcompensated, and fell backwards, smacking the back of my skull on snow, about 2-3in of snow, covering a rock. Es no bueno.

Anyway, I hate being a whiny baby when we're boarding, so I used BF's BFF as an excuse, and said we should break for lunch. They had some awesome burgers grills backyard-bbq style out on the deck, and it was such a beautiful day, I couldn't refuse the atmosphere. After lunch, I felt better, and then really got my workout. Apparently my favorite run was turned into a race course today, which means it was closed to the public. Fine, whatever. But maybe you could tell me BEFORE I get halfway down the mountain? Haha, whatever, because I just made my own path in some thick powder. Killer on my thighs!

I like the fruit diet someone commented in the last blog sounds TASTY. I'm going to start it tomorrow. I can still make semi-normal meals for me and BF, and perhaps just smaller portions for me? Yes. (Sorry, I don't remember your name, and I always seem to lose my blogs when I navigate away. But this is me, calling you out, saying you're awesome.)

Also, I'm going to talk to my trainer girl (aka, the one who's paid to be a trainer @ my gym, but is super cool and helps me as well. for free.) tomorrow. I gotta figure out a workout program for myself, cuz what I'm doing isn't working, and I'm busting my ass. However, I DID figure out a great crunch for lower abs, which happen to be the bane of my existence. But then I was watching Biggest Loser, and they were doing them. I still say they stole them from me...

ANYWAY, back to boarding.

I LOVE getting out there on the hill, in the quiet. Especially at Sugarbowl. It's just so MASSIVE, that you feel like it's your own private trail you just happened to find, perfectly groomed. I've had a rough week, as BF and I are trying to handle pushing the pause button on our life for three months, and it just felt really good to just carve some snow, and look bad ass.

Vanguard camp in TWO weekends :D

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Rob said...

Just weighed myself since I last commented and I've lost 6lbs! That is in 4 days! Vey happy with that.

Did you try my 'fruit' diet? If so how's it going?

Oh and thanks for the comments in the Blog! Happy to help! :p

Keep up the good work x