Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2800cal lighter


Keeping a food diary keeps me focused on what I'm eating. I can't just forget about calories if I'm writing them down, so I don't want to eat the bad stuff so I don't have to have written proof I ate them!

Sooooo I ate 1476.5cal today...not bad at all! Jackie on Workout wants her SkyLab clients eating 1300 calories, so I'm close, yeah?

I think I mentioned last night that to maintain my weight, I need to consume 2400 calories a day, to make up for all that I burn, just existing throughout the day. So, what everyone tells you, is to take the "daily energy expenditure" number, and make sure you have 500 less calories every day to lose 1lb a week. (3500cal=1 pound)

For example: I could eat 2400 calories a day and burn an extra 500 calories by working out, and if I did that everyday, I'd lose a pound a week. Or, I could not workout at all, and eat 500 less calories. Or, the easiest way the experts suggest, eat 250 less calories and burn 250 more calories.

Get it? Got it.

Sooooo I ate 1476.5 calories today, right?

Well, including my daily energy expediture (2400cal), my fast walking at work for 4 hours (1300cal) and my bike/eliptical workout this evening (150+450cal) I had a defecit of 2823.5cal.

That means I only have about 700 more calories to burn to lose 1 whopping pound, in one day!

Yay math.

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Austin said...

wow, thats a really good plan, keep it up! haha, i like the math too :)

what else is new, though? any more interesting insights on the path to chiropractor-ness?