Thursday, April 26, 2007


Yesterday morn, after my exciting first day of eating well and recording as much, I weighed 184.4. It's always that, right? Ugh. Well, apparently thats where I was.

This morning, after a pretty crappy eating day, (it started with Cracker Barrell, then nothing, then a chicken sandwich and shared strawberry shortcake at the Marlin's game) I weighed almost a pound less!

Today I've just had a couple chunks of melon, about 20 thin stick pretzels, and a can of 0cal Nestea. My boyfriend's the best, he came home with a bunch of no-calorie drinks for us. Water does get rather boring.

Tonight's DCI Classic Countdown, but I gotta get some housecleaning done after work so I can sell the house to our friend Marcus. Yes, that would be good. That way I can move my smaller butt back to California!

Eek, I gotta be at work in 14min.


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