Friday, April 27, 2007



I guess stress is the best diet for me.

Well, stress, thin stick pretzels (2cal each), and Diet Nestea (0cal).

Life kinda sucks right now, I'm pretty much stuck in Florida for the moment. Until a miracle happens, or my mom comes to her senses (which in itself would be a miracle.)

I have the day off, so lots of matinence cleaning...we got the carpets cleaned 2 weeks ago, but still have a non-potty trained puppy. Reason # 247.3 it makes more sense for us to leave now. I'm thinking I'll just cover the carpet in puppy pads, yeah?

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Miss Reno Nevada said...

Hey! Quit slacking on your blog like me! :P Are you doing well? I've been losing weight and I swear, I'm eating food again. My metabolism finally kicked in. Write some stuff soon! Are you back in Cali yet?