Wednesday, May 9, 2007


prettyyy awesome.

Since I last posted, I had to pack up my life , and move to California. This also involves packing up my trusty scale :( But it's okay. We ate like crap on the road, no time to sit down and eat, so our only options involved paper cheese.

Since we've been in my mom's house, I've felt like I'm only eating crap. So, I assumed I gained a couple pounds.

But, low and behold, this morning I go and weigh myself on mom's scale, and it reads 178! Hmm. Whodathunkit.

Yesterday WAS a very athletic day for us. I went and did an hour of hard-core pilates with my mom, then we walked the dogs in the Napa foothills, then we played catch, THEN we played a game of 1-on-1 basketball, which I pretty much suck at. oh well.

So this morning I'm sore, and much lighter than I expected. Sweet.


b13 said...

Glad to hear it. Best of luck back in Cali.

Miss Reno Nevada said...