Friday, July 2, 2010

oh, knee problems, of course.

Thanks, knee. I get it. I'm fat and gained far too much weight in a short amount of time for you to handle it. Add in the recent cardio and higher impact late night workouts, and I'm sure you're just over it. But did you have to remind me so painfully?

Yesterday, while doing something SO mundane as squatting while rolling up the hose, my knee snap-crackle-popped when I stood up. Nothing completely new to these overworked joints of mine, but this time was different. I felt some serious shifting in my knee, and EXTREME pain, so much that I yelled out and started crying in my front yard. I hobbled inside, and put some ice on it. The pain was not sharp anymore, but an unstable soreness in the back/outside of my knee.

A few hours later, after some killer spaghetti and a walk around the grocery store, I was again squatting to put away groceries. And, again with the snap-crackle-pop pain scenario.

Today it's been sore ALL day, and not feeling very secure at all. After a google search of "common knee injuries" I came away confused and queasy. No idea what might have happened, but pukey at the idea of torn meniscuses.

This whole knee thing is a serious wake up call. in the past ten years my grandma has had both her knees replaced, a result of arthritis, body weight, and inactivity. My body is built very similar to hers, but I refuse to have it fall apart in the same way. While drum corps kept me active, it also beat my body up... where's the tin man with his can of oil?

Today's calories: 1548
Today's weight: 217.8

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