Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I can do this in my sleep!

Well I haven't posted recently, and mostly because I don't feel like I'm doing anything spectacular, and worth writing about.

But, apparently simply changing my diet and Pilates is working for me, because today I weighed myself....

211 lbs!

Oh yeah. That would be..mmmmm 15lbs lost since March 1? Chyeah dude. KILLING it. I didn't think I had lost that much, until after 4 shots of espresso this morning, and I magically lost 5lbs more. Oops. That makes a grand total of 35lbs since the baby was born.

Honestly, too: No cardio...I was going to, but then I came down with the sickness last week, and hardly had energy to nurse. Still had my appetite of course! I do try and make it to the dog park every week, with pumpkinhead in tow. But besides that, I mean, I really haven't been doing that much.

I start work next week, 4 hours in the morning. I need to reschedule my Pilates now, and I fear my only time will be 7-8am. Bah. Soooo early. But I'm sure as long as I continue my healthy eating habits, the weight will continue to slide off, especially as I exert myself more and more. I'm in sales, so I won't be sitting at my desk all day. And, the baby is getting more and more mobile every day. Soon I'll be chasing after her all day long!

But, I do need to add in some sort of sweaty cardio. Soon the baby will be big enough for a jogging stroller, so I can attempt to jog (or at least walk) around the block without having to navigate the cracks in the sidewalk. Any suggestion of the best brand to buy?

PS. I'm still blogging over on It's pretty cool! I met some people today who read the blog, THEN came into the studio. Check me out!

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