Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forgiving myself, in time for Easter.

So, I lost a bunch of weight, and Trevor won the Biggest Loser*** contest at work. He didn't take home $100K from Jello, but he grabbed $245 in winnings. Not too shabby!

However, since then I've kinda slipped. Just a tiny bit. KFC grilled chicken on Thursday for lunch, two macaron cookies from Bouchon Bakery on Thursday night, Panda Express for lunch yesterday (even tho I got the smaller "eat in" plate, and substituted veggies for chow mein), and then too much pasta last night for dinner. See? If I'm not careful, boom, right into old habits.

The good news is (and Trevor concurs) that after all this eating correctly, and smaller portions, when I have a little bit of crap, I feel like crap. When I eat a LOT of crap? Well. You can imagine.

So today I woke up and started fresh. Melon and cottage cheese for breakfast, Madras Lentils and chicken for lunch, strawberries as a snack. Dinner is undecided, but I'll be at my mom's, so the healthy option is always available. Now the sun is out, and the house is relatively clean, so I'm a happy girl.

Tomorrow is Easter dinner at the in-laws, which is always trouble for me. Snacks and good food galore. The good news is we haven't bought any candy yet...Peeps are my downfall. What Easter treat can't you resist?

****BIG NEWS! Pilates Napa Valley had a celebrity today, Cheryl Forberg of the Biggest Loser! This is HUGE for PNV, hopefully we'll be lifelong friends.

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