Monday, March 22, 2010

Damn you, Girl Scouts

I thought I had missed the Girl Scouts this year. My neighborhood is too shady for them to walk around, and I haven't been at work where parents can ambush the fat girl with cookie temptations.

But no. Trevor brought home not one, but FIVE boxes of cookies on Friday night. I stayed the night at my mom's on Saturday while he was gone almost solely to get myself away from the cookies. But, since I've been home today, I've easily had 12 cookies, splitting it up between the different flavors. At an average of 65 calories PER COOKIE, I took in 780 extra calories in sugar and carbohydrate. This coming from just a few days ago, eating bell peppers for my sweetness.

Blah. This is my problem, it is SO hard for me to maintain these new healthy eating habits. As much as I LOVE the food on Sonoma Diet, it's ingrained in me to just eat eat eat. While I've suppressed it so far this month, today was a cranky day: Trevor was gone twice this week...overnight in Hollywood last night, and back to work tonight. AND I read The Time Traveler's Wife, and absorbed her mood. Add all that on to my cabin fever, with only Delaney or the pets to talk to most of the time, and I've been in a serious funk today. It's a cut and dry case of using food to fix my loneliness.

Why do I sabotage myself like this? Days like this are when I nag and deliberately antagonize my boyfriend too. I should be taking my aggression and frustration out in a workout, but the TV's on, and Kirstie Alley weighs 12lbs more than me, so I'm just depressed and lackluster about everything. (Altho, here's an interesting article about why your weight fluctuates so much during the day.)

The good news is I've figured out how to get the baby to sleep thru most of the night...I woke up this morning with ridiculous energy...maybe the same this will happen tomorrow and I'll get up and jog. Wow, wouldn't that be productive. I have been regular with pilates, and did the dog park on Saturday. Today is just a anomaly. Back to the grind tomorrow.

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