Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bootcamp: Day One

Nope, I didn't run off and join the army in a desperate attempt to lose weight (besides, new recruits are doing "girly" PT like yoga because our fighting youth are overweight). No, this week I started my month-long adventure with Adventure Bootcamp. And it's definitely an adventure in pain! Monday was Day One, with an evil deck of cards. Every suit stood for something, and every Royal did as well. Jokers mean the next 4 cards are 60sec each. After a thorough deep-tissue massage with our foam rollers, we laid into the deck, completing all 52 cards in an hour. Jacks were shuttle runs, Aces alternating toe touches. The fun also included pushups, jumping jacks, bent-over rows, bicycle crunches, dead-lifts with curl, and side-shuffles; all in 30sec increments. I did better than expected: in the top 4 during the sprints, more pushups than I've done since Finals Week 08, and handling my 8lb weights like they were my 3-pounders at home. But, I was definitely sweating, and while stretching my shoulder during cool-down, I was second away from puking. Good! I didn't wake up sore this morning, but it has slowly crept up on me all day. Now, at 11:30, it took me a good minute to crawl into my waist-high bed. I made tea, but it's just out of my reach on the nightstand, and I just don't have the strength! Today we weighed in, took measurements and set goals. It's a little frightening to see just how wide my ass is, but it's more frightening to consider how soon I'd become "double-wide" if I continued on this way. I'll be at Bootcamp three days a week, with the 5k training in my off days. I have a high goal of 19lbs to lose by the end of the month, and a cash prize if I do it better than anyone else. (and let's be honest... Mama could use a cash prize.) No excuses, no whining, no mercy.

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