Friday, September 24, 2010

Biggest Winner, Getting Slimmer!

Today is my LAST day of Bootcamp, and while my attendance has been spotty, I've loved it as much as I did that first day! I would love to continue, but the additional drive into Napa 3 days a week was eating up too much of my time and money.

The Rock and Stroll is tomorrow! I didn't finish my Couch to 5k training either, because I was doing bootcamp. (Sensing a theme here?)So, I'm going to jog as much as I mom, and my best friend Sarah are both doing it with me (along with LOTS of other people, including fellow bootcampers). I always run more with competition, doesn't everyone?

Anyway, I'm resurrecting this blog today because I've joined a 2-mo weight-loss challenge. It's through Adventure Bootcamp, and we're all in teams of 5. The prize money is certainly a HUGE motivator...$2500 to the winning team! And we all know how mama is always broke. That, and a combination of co-worker, friend, and perfect strangers is enough to keep me accountable.

So, back to food journaling! I'm not on a specific "plan" right now, except to be less fat. Hah.

Today (thus far)
7:00 3/4c non-fat cottage cheese
1/2c chunk pinapple
1c coffee w/ 1 Splenda and teaspoon heavy cream
9:30 1c black tea w/ 1 Splenda
12:00 4 mini Roma tomatoes (that Elizabeth brought to work!)

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belly said...

Go on training and eating few, you will get slimmer soon. Believe me !