Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our cable bill is taking a back seat to other more important bills, so I've been finding other things to do with my time. (you know, besides working, cleaning, and being a mommy!) So, frustrated with seeing my doughy tummy in the mirror (which, by the way, I was never able to picture until now) I picked up You On A Diet for the first time since this blog was begun, almost 4 years ago now. Lo and behold, the jacket was still holding my page where I left off, a chapter metaphorizing a u-turn. Or in their case, a You-turn. (get it?) Basically, pretend your weightless journey is a road trip with a GPS system. Generally, you know where you're headed, and there's a nice computerized voice telling you each turn to make. Occasionally, despite all best intentions, you may misinterpret instructions and make a wrong turn. The GPS doesn't yell at you, just suggests that at the next available moment, turn around and get back on track. This is an easy thing to do day to day... "ok, so I ate a donut earlier, going to eat extra broccoli at dinner." However it's a little harder when you've gone off track for a year or more. The last few posts have been lamenting this same pothole I'm in, but that's just life. However, this post isn't a "I'm gonna do it! post, it's more of a "I've already been doing it." the last two weeks I've worked out every other day in some sort of way. No excuses.

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