Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Biggest Winner, almost over!

A particularly encouraging member of my Biggest Winner team suggested I update this thing, and I do know it's been a while. This whole mommy thing has completely taken over my life! Go figure ;)

So, we have just days to go until this 2-month contest is over. Our team is currently in 4th, based on everyone weighing themselves at home. I do have to admit, this process was much harder than I expected. I try and make time for myself, but it just doesn't happen some days. Most days, in fact.

Despite all that, I have managed to drop 10lbs, bringing me only 15 away from my pre-baby weight. Trevor and I are back on the Sonoma Diet (well, as much as we can afford!), and tomorrow I'll start a fruit flush again for that final push to the end. Weigh in is on Saturday!

Looking forward, I'd love to get a gym membership, now that the baby is close to one, I can leave her at most gym daycares. Trevor has a few prospects right now, to increase his salary immensely. Then we'd move into Napa, eat as healthy as we'd like, and I can work out again!

Yesterday I ran for the first time in a couple weeks - I felt better than expected, until I bent down to tie my shoe halfway through. My knees were warm, and my right one popped out again like a few months ago. Later it did it again, but it felt worse since my knees were colder. So today I'm a bit stiff, but I have my weights at home again, and it's back to the Biggest Loser DVD.

More to come, I'm sure. This is the same time of the year that I started losing weight in Florida... get it all off while bundled up in winter clothes, and surprise everyone once the sun comes back ;)

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Amanda said...

I was wondering when you were going to update! Good luck with the contest, I know that prize money would be glorious :) Try and find time for yourself, I know it is tough with work, and the baby, and everything else...but remember - if you aren't good to yourself, you won't be any good to anyone else. Love you!