Monday, September 27, 2010

I love fruit flushing.

215.6 this morning :) 214 is my post-baby low. I'm really really really hoping I'll fall below that by tomorrow morning. It's one of those mental blocks, you know? 214 rounds down to 210, which is an extra large poop away from 200, which is 4lbs away from my pre-baby weight of 196.

I'm not feeling deprived yet, but frequently I'll make it through the morning on tea and coffee alone. So far today I've had an apple, 2c of grapes, and halfway through my mug of green tea (with splenda, duh.) I have a busy busy afternoon as well (getting my hair did to celebrate that 6k!) so perhaps I won't even notice. Then tomorrow is super busy as well, with last minute preparations before one of my best friends in the entire world FINALLY makes the trek to ol' C-A.

This is going to be a GREAT week. My birthday is tomorrow, Wednesday we're going to walk around SF all day playing tourist, Thursday is some hugemongo surprise (that includes baby spending the night at grandma's!!!) and Friday is my family dinner for my birthday. Fair warning, we'll be having beef stroganoff with egg noodles.

Looking forward to it all!

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Amanda said...

It was a great week :)

How about this - once I hit a goal...perhaps 50 pounds? I come back out to Cali.