Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More motivation

There's a mini family reunion happening in April, and all my cousins are outdoorsy, fit people. Some I haven't seen since I was 6-7 yrs old, and we're all on Facebook, so there's bound to be photos.

In other news, I ate like shit today.

1tbsp of garlic hummus w/ half a slice of naan bread
2 cups coffee
popcorn chicken and ocean water from Sonic (I did give half the chicken to AllieDog)
diet coke
spaghetti w/ meat sauce w/ cup of broccoli
sugar-free cocoa w/ milk

First of all, I doubt I hit a decent number of calories (and I know I'm not eating the 2700 nursing moms are supposed to eat.) Secondly, all crap, save that banana, broccoli and fresh spagetti sauce. Third, no wonder baby was awake and cranky all day. Hate to say it, but I should cut back on the caffeine. Today was an abnormally high day, but I had bills to pay and connections to make.

I need to get this weight off fast. In 06, I used diet, exercise, and HydroxyCut. Now that I'm nursing (and it was recalled from the market) I won't be using that crutch. Also, my body fat ratio is higher than it's ever been (I always had decent muscle tone regardless of weight), so if I start moving more, it SHOULD melt away, ala Biggest Loser, right?

Luckily, the rain has stopped, at least long enough for me to get the baby outside. I'm thinking a nice long walk thru the vineyards with the dogs and baby in a front pack tomorrow morning. Could I BE more of a Napa mom?


Anonymous said...

So, I've been reading your blog. I can't imagine how difficult the losing weight thing is while you are "moming it". I know you can do it though. I too have started working out/counting calories. I'm planning to run a 10k in April, exciting right? How is your chub out of shape friend plan on doing this? Well, there is this program for iphone called couch to 10k and couch to 5k it eases you into the running thing. I'm loving it and while I'm at home, helping my mom move, and searching for a job it has given me something I can control snd succeed at. Anyway, food journal always seems to help and if you eat things that are better for you, you get way morefor your calorie buck. I don't know if you are into eggs but I started beating my egg whites in the morning and adding one yoke. It makes the egg fluffy without the milk and the egg doubles in volume so it seems like you are eating way more also a trick for baked chicken is lemon juice, NO Olive oil! Just lemon juice it makes it moist and delicious and with a serving of whole grain pasta and a side salad its a super delicous low cal meal (easy to make too). Sorry about the long comment. I hope you, babes, and Trev are doing well. Nadia and I send our love to you all. I hope you have lots of cute red and green baby outfits for the summer.
Amanda M

Michelle said...

Between taking care of my baby and nursing I burned off calories a lot faster. I would concentrate on eating healthier and not worry so much about numbers right now. Babies sense stress and that could be part of why your baby was cranky
Good luck and enjoy these moments with your new little one. They grow up so fast