Friday, January 29, 2010


So, I only lost two pounds from 223, but that's after gaining weight the first week Trevor was gone. Then this week, I wasn't eating enough, and the baby became very upset with me.

This week is a big week for us, mommy/baby wise. Because I wasn't eating right, and she'd nurse for hours without being satiated, I gave her her first bottle of formula. Also, I started taking birth control again.

I'm stuck in this catch 22, I want to eat less because I'm fat, but I need to eat more to feed the baby and get my 500 calorie deficit per day. Now that I'm on birth control, I'm even more concerned about weight gain. Additionally, I need to go back to work here soon, which limits my time and further complexes the situation.

Luckily, Trevor got off the airplane determined to get back in shape. With him calling me on my fat kid tendencies, and me cooking healthful food for the both of us, this should be easy.

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Emma said...

i hope sean is as gung-ho when he gets back from romania. last time he was there he lost weight because he had food poisoning for a week, lol - i'm hoping this trip he just doesn't eat like crap because there isn't the regular crappy lunch around like there is at his office. i'm using my 24 hour stomach bug as a leaping off point to lose major poundage while he's gone. here's to hoping!