Monday, February 1, 2010

Work, work, work it out.

I found my skinny mommy workout! Truthfully, anybody can do it, but it's a series of full-body exercises, with a focus on the tummy area, from Fitness Magazine.

In general, has a new mom, new body section. It lists super foods for us with no time to ourselves: eggs, skirt steak, salmon, fiberlicious cereal, and spinach. Good news! All favorites.

The workout plan that won me over consists of exercises and muscle toning that I've previously done, and loved. Designed specifically to fit into baby's schedule, you can get the whole routine done on the floor of the baby's room while she sleeps. No equipment (save 3-5lbs hand weights if you want), no DVDs, no problem.

Of course, they have their testimonials, but it makes sense. Eat right, burn more calories than you take in (without NOT eating, as we learned last week), and build lean muscle, and you'll get the body you want. This just gives me a helping hand so I'm not just doing lunges all around the house.

I have my post-partum visit today, and then the work will begin this afternoon.

PS, I don't work for Fitness Magazine, nor do I subscribe to it. I found a wrinkled copy in the magazine rack at my mom's house. But, after reading it, I do like it, and think it puts a healthy focus on fitness and wellness, versus skinniness.


~Kenny said...

One thing that worked for me was starting to keep track of what I eat. In fact, I often go back to this tried and true method when I need to get back on track. The website I use and have found VERY effective is it is 9.00 a month, but the site is full of great tools including exercise training, healthy warnings about the food you are heating, and great support group forums. A free one (or at least it used to be) that is pretty good is Remember the key to success is changing your metabolism, eating more healthy protein, and in the beginning even though it seems counterituitive more muscle building excercises and less aerobics. While the aerobics will give you the quick loss in the beginning it will not give you the ling term fat burning metabolism that you want that muscle building will. Then when you have your engine really burning add on the longer aerobic work outs! Good Luck!!

Jessika said...

if you're interested in documenting and calorie counting (as the above poster mentioned) I use MyDailyPlate at It's totally free and you can track calories consumed/burned, with most everything already inputted so it's super easy. I posted that I had a salmon bowl from PF Chang's and it already knew the nutritional value! Pretty cool :)

Love you!

Chelsea Strong said...

Oh ya I've used DailyPlate for years, and now I have SparkPeople on my phone for the same reason.