Friday, February 5, 2010

Life in the hotel

Remember how excited that my man was coming home?

Well. He was, for like 3 days, before his company sent him off to Salt Lake City for reservation support for an undisclosed amount of time. Luckily, baby and I were able to go with him, and I took the time to continue eating right, and getting workouts in.

I've done the workout plan from last week everyday, substituting the hand weights for filled water bottles. Hey, you do what you can. I've also used baby for some tricep work, with kisses between every rep.

Now, I'm ready to join a gym. I'm going to use my massive Head Of Household tax refund to sign up for 6mo plans for Trevor and I. Unfortunately, there isn't a PFGym near us, which is where I lost all my weight in 2007. But, there is Ultimate Fitness, where I've gone on and off for the last 3 years. First, I had a free membership thru work, then I got a free membership for my birthday from my mom.

It's a big gym, with not many members. But it's clean, in a great area, and I know the equipment, and a few trainers. The only problem is occasionally running into my old employer, or previous high school classmates. This is more of an annoyance, really. With all this extra weight to lose, and baby waiting for me in the day care, I don't have time to chat.

But, then again, there's plenty of working out I can do outside a gym, as I've kicked my own ass this week. Maybe better to save my money, and join a gym when there's something to show off.

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