Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fresh Start

Literally, 'fresh' as in 'not prepackaged'. Delaney and I braved the torrential downpours and went to Walmart to cure my boredom and empty-fridge syndrome.

We only walked thru the perimiter of the grocery section, picking up bulk and healthy items to make quick and tasty meals:

snack-pack cottage cheese
reduced fat cheddar cheese
Individually frozen chicken breasts, tilapia, and salmon
Cuties tangerines
romaine lettuce
baby spinach leaves
lean ground beef
baby carrots

Now I have a big pot of couscous on the stove to refrigerate and use for future dinners, saving me time away from baby. I'm going to portion out the ground beef too, and use it mostly for this lentil chili I got from Costco. I feel so much better with these healthy items to pull from, more in control.

Now, if baby would just fall asleep and let me clean the kitchen the feeling would be complete. :)

1 comment:

timelessmoment05 said...

Those all sound like good foods to buy! You're crazy though for going out in that storm. Not that I should talk because I went out, too. It was nutts!
Couscous is yummy!