Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little successes

Hmph. No weight loss, but I do have some shrinkage!

Waist : 2/11 = 38in, 2/21 = 37in
Bust : 2/11 = 44in, 2/21 = 42in
Arms : 2/11 = 16.5in, 2/21 = 16in
Hips : 2/11 = 49in, 2/21 = 48.5
Legs : 2/11 = 30.5in, 2/21 = 30

Its about 4.5 inches total. Not too bad considering I've done more toning exercises than get sweaty. Thats changing tomorrow morning tho, I have to satiate these running dreams, and release some tension.

Tomorrow, I will jog for 15min, then promptly die a slow and agonizing death on my front steps. Fun!


Christy said...

so... i'm thinking about trying p90x. i've heard its ridiculous! I will let you know what its like and maybe i can try to find a way to send you a copy of it if you want :) i'm getting it from a friend tomorrow! :) and hey... little success is better than no success! :) i'm working on losing weight right now too... BLEH! good luck with your jog! do you have time to go swimming ever? cuz thats a really good cardio workout! :)


timelessmoment05 said...

Congrats on losing some inches! That's exciting! Don't get bummed out about maybe not seeing the pounds off the scale- this may be because you ARE losing weight, but are gaining muscle, which weighs heavier (I believe). I have been exercising and I think I am losing fat, cause I am sweating and my heart rate is up, and I am definitely gaining muscle. I think if I were to weigh myself, I'd be the same because of the weight loss/muscle gain ratio. Keep it up!