Saturday, February 27, 2010

D-Day Approaches

March 1.

A normal day, nothing special. (Except it's the anniversary of when Yellowstone became the first National Park, the first FM radio station transmitted, Watergate scumbags were indicted, and Ke$ha was born.) Soon, however, Wikipedia will have an addition to their March 1events list:

Chelsea and Trevor's Weight Loss Adventure and Forever Lifestyle Change!

Okay, well it's a little wordy. But, so many things are coming together the week of March 1 to help CATWLAFLC that it deserves some fanfare.

1. OAK jetBlue employees start their own version of "Biggest Loser." This is the first thing that has really motivated Trevor to get back in shape, and with a $20 entry fee, and $5 penalties if you gain weight at the weekly weigh-ins, I don't blame him! I told him I'll gladly pay into some sort of "fat kid fund" at home if I ever gain weight too.

2. Pilates Napa Valley kicks off the March Madness promotion! For existing clients, 4 weeks UNLIMITED sessions for less than a month of 3x/wk. For new clients (or a certain lazy daughter of the owner), a lose 10lbs in 30days program. 3 days/wk for a month PLUS a free copy of the Sonoma Diet book. This too will be less than the standard 3x/wk month-long package. Details are coming, so don't quote me yet (but feel free to say I referred you when you call to book an appointment!) Mom and I are still ironing out the specifics, but I'll be starting my 10-in-30 regime on Wednesday, complete with the Sonoma diet.

Okay, now I know you're saying, "Wait a minute homeslice. How can it be a lifestyle change if you're going on a 'diet'?" Well, homeskillet, I have a very good answer for that. The Sonoma Diet is not so much a "only eat lettuce for 6 months" diet. It does start out with a 10day Phase One, where you're not to eat ANY sugar (including fruits) to rid yourself of a sweet tooth. After that, it just focuses on fresh foods. My mom lost 6lbs in her first 10 days! The meals are really tasty, and don't feel like "diet" food, because they're not really. It just teaches you to eat for health and flavor, all at the same time.

In addition to this renewed effort in health, I'm working on discovering happiness in my career choice. I'm starting some behind the scenes work for PNV, to start flexing my marketing muscles. It's the first step to ensuring my mental health is on the same level as my physical health, both of which I've been neglecting recently.

March 1, it is

Oh, PS? That Biggest Loser DVD is no joke. I sweat more this evening than I have in a year and a half. And I'm going on 40hrs of ZERO sleep at this point. Oh, motherhood.

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